2015 ‘Day of Caring’

I have not been actively updating this page in a while until now. As of today I will re-engage in my journal efforts with my compassionate journey details.

This year, on September 18th is the United Way sponsored Day of Caring, in which my goal is to organize at least one, if not more, volunteer teams. The deadline for submitting a project is July 18th. Until that date in July, I will be actively discussing the opportunity with my church, TNC in Seattle, and a few other worthy non-profit entities that may need the services of a volunteer team.

Repeat my life commitment statement:

I currently am freelancing in Digital Art: Photography, Digital Storytelling, Videography, Graphics, Web design.
I also work part-time as an Independent Living Specialist / Advocate / Assistive Technology Coordinator
My personal skills and life-hobby, if you will, is photojournalism and story telling.

My self-respect, My-Faith, My-Family, Volunteerism, Caring for the disabled, Feeding the Hungry, Sheltering the Homeless, Documenting and Telling their Stories to All Who Will Listen for As Long As Life is Present. Social responsibility, Social Justice and Advocacy, These are my priorities put in order, I share with others their importance to me. I believe through sharing my faith, my hope, and my love, I show acknowledgment, I share my compassion, and my time with those who lack the same, then I set an example for my life circle for all to see.

Daily as I encounter people bound by negativity, doubt and fear all around me, I remind myself I am a dim lit candle in the darkness, I help to bring light to the lost in the dark and draw them to the light that directs me, by inviting them to be the love and hope and value, sharing life with others is truly what makes us free. Then finding solutions together, removes fear and doubt, renews hope, builds confidence and seeks new direction.

I believe my circle of life and energy is bonded with the invisible chain of other circles, connected to each other by the same spirit. The spirit of community, peace and love our mission, we believe it, live it, we breathe it.

As each step is taken to Give of one’s self, two things happen.

#1 a sense of fulfillment and purpose is achieved, almost like the feeling of being complete, or as a piece of a one’s life puzzle is found.

#2 a witness to others in a person’s life circle is present.
This is a non-verbal testimony of purpose with clarity and focus.
Sharing that purpose and direction with others verbally is the key to spreading the message of hope and the tug on a fellow man’s heart towards commitment to others in need.
True satisfaction in life comes from taking steps towards a life with real purpose, and a focus on someone or something greater than one’s self.

G. Tomas Corsini Sr. aka – Webholyman

Sharing the witness from participants in my church’s missions project, “Homes of Hope”, specific to the Ensenada area, helping build housing for the poor. I recorded the two morning services for the families who wanted to share it with other family members. My church is St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Bellevue, WA.

8:30 am service

11:00 am service

Helping create lasting memories

It is becoming more Inescapable, seeing people who are suffering, living on the street, holding a cardboard sign by an intersection or freeway entrance, etc.

Some of us might give a few bucks to that person in need, but many more of us are giving in a different way, a way that is more visibly helping and where we can see our efforts do some real good. This last week I donated 4 hours of my life in taking pictures of a fashion show for an organization that helps low income families with food and clothing as well as sponsored events to strengthen or encourage these families. The event was a fashion show intended to be a mother daughter time for sharing and making each one feel special.I stood behind my lens and captured their time of fun and family. I am thankful I was able to give of my time and help capture some smiles and positive memories.


St Patrick’s Day in Bellevue

I just completed a short video advertising the happenings specific to St Patrick’s Day.

This is a celebration of several things but primarily of faith and hope coming to Ireland. (Christianity)

St Patrick used the shamrock as a reminder of the Holy Trinity. (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)

Wintergrass 2015

Last week I attended the Wintergrass Festival, held at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency.

The event was running from Thursday 02/26 through Sunday 03/01.

I was able to capture many great images and I met various artists, vendors and even bumped into a few people from my church. It was enjoyable seeing the various hallway groups practice their music and song throughout the hotel at any given time. It gave a family atmosphere and filled the air with live music. The song and laughter was a welcome and refreshing change to the normal business like operating ambiance of the hotel.

I am sharing a link below to my photo album of my time spent at this event.

Reclaiming the Peace from within…

For all those souls who can relate, reliving my past in my mind daily has brought me away from my faith and into a lonely wandering. I had felt the love from my family and friends but something has been missing. I begin each week to think I am going to be OK again because of the rise in my spirit and countenance each Sunday at church, but then as the days go on I fall back into that rut and sense of loss and loneliness.

I want to reach out for help but feel my arms are just not long enough. At times my journey is so long I feel like stopping where I am, lying down and giving up.

It feels like every time I read the news there is another story like mine without hope or recourse. As terrible as I feel, my heart reaches out to that other person but my throat is dry.

When I think about helping others using my story, my mouth runs dry and my legs go weak. I find myself looking for a place to curl up and hide until it passes. The fear and guilt I live with.

I wonder if there are others like me looking for a way out, a leg up, a trusting hand to reach out to. Who will help me out of this bottomless pit of suffering I have living inside of me?

I Praise God I found a light and hope for my life. It just came to me when I was in my darkest hour. While surrounded with feelings of inadequacy, guilt and emotional grief, right when I felt a weight upon my chest so heavy I struggled to breathe, He came to me.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I didn’t cry out any magical words like a spell or chant.

I was in my thoughts meditating while in my suffering, searching for some peace, and I heard a faint voice, but it was not an audible one, more like one I heard as if in a dream, if that makes sense.

The voice at first was not something I could make out but then as I drew my focus away from my suffering the words became clear to me. There were three words that kept calling out softly, “believe in me.”

I didn’t think it was God at first, maybe my own thoughts deep inside, the good and strong persona trying to get out of the penalty box, telling me to believe in myself.

The more I went in that direction I felt I was falling backwards or slipping away from the seemingly audible voice and it became faint again.

I decided to try reading my bible to see if that would bring me comfort and help the words become clear again, especially since over the years reading the bible over and again, I always walk away with a sense of peace from reading it.

I found comfort in Romans chapter 8, and it was more specifically a good reminder to me, verse 15 “for you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” and also verse 26, “Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. 27 Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”

I am discovering my faith has been lacking for the reason of my separation from God, rather than any specific sin or evil set upon me. Regardless of my regular attendance at my church, my keeping distance from my regular readings as I did many years ago, I believe is the reason for all the weight of sin, guilt and shame that had returned into my life. Trying to hide from it myself or showing it to others around me, I just made it worse.

Now I know that voice instructing me to “believe in me”, has been the Spirit of God reaching into my mind and inviting me back to a place where I found peace and joy for so many years. I don’t know how I became so far out from the path I once trod, but my heart and soul longs for a comfort that can only be a spiritual one from deep within.

I am on a path unlike the one in ministry I held before when I was so devoted to my reading the Word. I find it challenging at times to make time to read or study. With my recent revelation, which brings relief, I have decided to reclaim my dedication to reading and prayer lost to the cares of this world and everything in it.

I renew my vow of commitment to His word this day and its reading, as a new diet and eating a regular healthy meal three times a day brings the body into a good rhythm. So I pray, His Spirit remain within me and at my side, to keep me on this new path and help me from deviating from its direction and blessings.


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