Dedication to a friend…

I recently lost a church friend of mine.

She was always involved in something at church, a member of several groups and on a few boards. I never saw her sitting at the table with others at events, without first seeing her helping in the kitchen, making ready the meal and various offerings for the meal and side dishes. During most church services she was either playing bells, singing in the choir, passing out bulletins, leading worship, serving communion, or any number of duties requiring assistance.

My friend was to me, one of the best examples of selflessness, long suffering, goodness and a desire to worship the Lord with all she was and will ever be. She made me push forward at times when I was frustrated with many things in life, not related to church, just social injustice and the brevity of a good man’s work and life story. I don’t see many rushing in to take her place, albeit there will be one who will.

In dedication to my friend, I produced a video, sharing little portals of her life and her work, a small fraction of the many duties and service she gave to God and us all. I will not forget her nor the mark on my heart for which her role played in my life, the example I want to follow in without measure, with the same long suffering.

Join me in remembering….



What does it take for us to see and follow a path to real change?

I am convinced it is only through the many eyes of those who suffer, telling their compelling story which moves us to compassion, however, it is through music and artistic imagery that takes us to that next step, actively looking for the path to real “change” and then following it! Peace does not come without suffering and struggle, but taking that journey together with others of like minds, removing the borders of belief and custom, to become a powerful force to follow…

Take that journey with me. Go to the link provided below:

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Somber Procession for Fallen Officer…

Today I was assisting one of my senior clients in the Wells Fargo Bank on Pacific Ave, when I saw the motorcycle officer stop at the street corner just outside the bank. I grabbed my camera and was able to catch a few stills and moments of the quiet somber passing of police cars. My heart goes out for the families involved and I pray for comfort and healing.

Honoring Fallen Office Jay Gutierrez

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Fact and Truth, how do I decide which is correct?

We read about these happenings going on before our eyes, we have a choice; we can accept them and be as sheep following our new shepherd blindly, or we can hold up the standard of excellence and truth via social media as a mirror to show the way that is correct and honest and fair.

Without making a choice we are without a voice and we become a victim to whatever comes. We lose our right to complain if we do nothing. Standing up and sharing our thoughts helps each person reading to decide for themselves a path to follow.

How will each person know which to chose and how to decide?  

Truth and Morality are all about how we respond to Facts and Distinction. The FACT(s) shows us the Truth.   Leaders with corrupt vision and blind followers chose to spin and twist that truth or information to suit their own ambitious goals.    We each pull out our scales and weigh the damage to our conscience if we chose to follow the twisted truth and become a blind justified follower.   When we stay on point and follow Truth, the path that sets us apart from the majority, we become a light and represent conviction and help steer the ones on the fence to rightly decide.   When we hold up the standard of Fact and Truth, we become directly involved, go to community meetings where we can ask the questions and participate in steering leaders in the direction of Truth and Fact.

We also become a target for ridicule and criticism for staying on point but that does not matter if you focus on the reason why God put us here on this rock, to make a difference, share His love and be a light that shines in the darkness.

Do we want to chose to help the leaders in power which we love or hate, to feel the pressure of the Fact and Truth or do we stay in the darkness allowing the seeds of corruption to take deep roots. Each one of us, weak or strong we must make a choice!   When we do nothing we chose to be the blind follower and we reap the harvest of darkness. When we lift up our voice and share our feelings about the Fact and Truth we see twisted we become that light which causes people to rightly decide and Leaders to listen.

Nothing that is good or right or fair and honest happens quickly, it comes by a labor of conscience and steadfastness. I hope to be a bolder in the stream of life, steadfast in the way of Fact and Truth, causing the water in the stream to split, casting my light in the path to follow.   This is my mission: Ask the questions; What choice(s) do I make today? How can I make a difference?


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2016 Veterans Day

Today I share a link to some images of last Friday, Veterans Day.

My sweet bride works for Dignity Memorial and is based out of Sunset Hills, making it an easy task of coordinating my camera intrusion in recording this event. The one significant thing to note, having an almost 3 yr. old myself, is not one young boy or girl was fidgeting or talking or unruly during the hour of the service. This was inside a packed building with standing room only. Everyone was respectful and mindful of the task at hand, honoring those who serve, both past and present. There were a few who stood in the gap for those who could not be present. I was moved by the honor and commitment shown by all who attended.