Judah Corsini



Judah Corsini

Born 1/7/86 – Died 7/3/18

On the early morning of July 3rd, 3:45 am or so, Judah appeared to have jumped from the Boren Street bridge, 75′ to the ground below, where he died. A man driving south on I-5 saw Judah’s body and called 911. A WA State trooper arrived on site just moments later and began applying CPR but by the time the ambulance arrived and attempted to revive Judah, he was already dead. His death was recorded as 4:00 am July 3rd. 2018. For the last five years, Judah has been suffering with mental illness and all the struggles that go with it. Several of our family members and one friend remember speaking to Judah just a couple weeks ago and as early as July 2nd, just 24 hours earlier.

My wife Amy and I have setup a memorial service to take place at 10:00 am Friday Aug 3rd, 2018 at St Luke’s Lutheran Church – 3030 Bellevue Way Bellevue, WA 98004

It’s been 6 days now and I still can”t take my mind off him. I am still standing out on the shoulder of the I-5 freeway 6:45 am on 7/4, staring at a two inch thick pile of sand covering the area where my son’s life blood emptyed his broken body.
I can still feel the pressure in my chest, and the tears on my face…and I can still hear my voice screaming his name, “JUDAAHHHHH” and again “JUDAAHHHHH”, as if somehow I might hear his response or a sense of his spirit still present….only the noise of the streaming traffic passing by.
I walked along the freeway for a while, trying to make sense of the image in my head of his last moments, hoping for some insight to understand why!

I say a quiet prayer to my God, asking for His spirit of peace to reveal to me this answer, why? My answer came to me as I was experiencing pain and confusion in my question. Judah was so conflicted in his mind, with a broken spirit, I was experiencing just a small glimpse of the agony and questions he asked God himself as he made his way to the edge, asking why his life had no meaning, why he was so lost and tormented.

I will never stop wondering why my son Judah had to die that way, nor will I stop asking myself how I can take this experience and use it to help someone else avoid the same fate. I have to believe my dear son Judah has no more pain and is whole again. He is with his brother Tommy and a host of others welcoming him home.
That is what sustains me now, every day and hour, when I relive the same thoughts over and over. It’s the only answer that gives me hope or comes close to satisfying my question, why?

This page’s purpose is to allow those who knew Judah a place to honor his memory by sharing stories and memories of Judah’s life and his experiences. Please honor his family and bless his friends by sharing how you knew Judah and a story or moments in time of his life before his struggles.


G. Tomas Corsini Sr.



All days are good, some are just better than others!

13 responses to “Judah Corsini

  1. Judah was my dearest friend. We shared houses, adventures, and memories together. He was generous and full of laughter on good days. He struggled a lot with mental illness but didn’t give up. I love him so much and hope he knows how many of us miss him.

    I’ll never forget him. I will work on my own mental illness struggles in his memory. I look forward to writing him a letter of what I didn’t get to tell him.

    Thank you to his dear father for giving us this site and planning a time for us to honor his life and memory.

  2. Judah was one of my closest cousins. We would talk on the phone all the time. He came to our wedding in Maui and we had so much fun! He tormented my husband, Chris, who is afraid of frogs, by chasing in all across the hotel grounds with the super-sized Hawaiian bullfrogs. He even came to CO to paint our house and we took him with us on a road trip to CA to visit our family. My heart continues to break as I think about my fun, kind and lovable cousin Judah. I always looked forward to his calls. I had just heard from him a few weeks ago and was happy to hear he was doing well. I told him I love him. Now he is gone, and everyday I have questions, unanswerable questions which haunt me. The only peace I receive is knowing that he is no longer suffering from his mental illness. I hope he knows how much I loved him.

    • Thank you Lisa! After the memorial I will send you a link to the memorial video I produced today. I am also recording the memorial service and will send a link to see that once edited and produced.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I haven’t known Judah since he was a kid when we all went to church together. My thoughts and prayers go out to your whole family who was so close to mine. Breaks my heart to know the pain you must be experiencing. I wish I had more memories to post here for you guys. But I will pray that this helps others struggling with mental illness to reach out and get help. My heart and prayers for you and your beautiful family!!

  4. My dear brother, I just now found out about your tragic loss. I am so sorry I did not know and was not there to comfort you and your family. Take comfort in the surety that our Lord understood his suffering and was no doubt eager to welcome him into His eternal embrace. As Paul wrote, your son did not die, he merely laid aside this temporary tent to inhabit an eternal home that Christ Himself had prepared for him. Imagine the peace, the joy, the calm that has now permeated his eternal being. Remember fondly who he was but meditate joyfully on who he has become. You will see him again — without separation.

    • Thank you Jon,
      We both know what it is to suffer loss. That said, I receive your words of comfort and peace with joy in my heart.
      I know we don’t latch up much but I would like it very much, as you have the free time. Let me know what days/times you are most free or available to chat.

      Tomas (Julio)

    • My dear brother, I receive it, in Jesus’s name, Amen!

      Although I have shown you my wayward Christian behavior, straying from the doctrine I first came to know, still my heart and spirit has always remained true to my Lord and my faith in Him.
      I consider you a real friend and I am praying our paths may come together again soon, in service to the Lord, in this life and not just the next.

      I want to spend my remaining years retired from working the normal life struggle and begin my true work and path, given me at the time of my birth, a work and life of evangelism. Tell me how I may contact you in the future?
      My email: webholyman@gmail.com

  5. I knew Judah for a very very long time. We met during a dark time in his life. His mother was very strict and did not allow them (Malachi and Judah) to really have friends. They lived in a pretty small home in the boonies. My brothers and I met Judah’s mother and worked hard to earn her trust. Our families grew closer over the years and Judah and I had a very strong friendship. I loved him like a brother. He was so smart and diligent at school and I admired his dedication. He would say that his way out of his sheltered life was to excel in life. He worked hard at everything he did. Computers, writing, architecture, even painting houses. He went through a lot with his mom and that abusive life that he fought so hard to escape. Through it all he stayed dedicated to his belief in himself. Foster homes, to his fathers home, to getting money together to move to Bellingham and take on school. I believed in him so much and helped him any way I could. I just admired his ability to look past all the hurt and darkness he was forced to endure. Sadly, eventually something changed in him. He became mad at the world around him and mad at life. He was different. I would call him every other day and check in on him. I had been lending him money for awhile with zero expectations on him needing to pay me back. I made sure he knew I wanted him to get through school so he could have a better life. Until he finally started scaring me with the things he was saying to me and the implications he made towards me and my family. He pushed me away. My brothers and I couldn’t believe it, I decided I needed to end our friendship.

    Every few months I search his name on the internet hoping to see something about his beautiful life or that he found his path. Every time I looked the results seemed to trend the wrong way. Today I saw this and it breaks my heart. I know deep down he was a truly beautiful person. I can’t believe this is how it ended.

    • Thank you for sharing you thoughts and memories of Judah. Please share this page with all who knew Judah and ask them to come share a memory as well.
      I visited Judah infrequently, usually as a follow up after he would call. Judah did not carry or keep a phone very long and mostly called using someone else’s phone. Someone living on the streets of Seattle. Sometimes he was in trouble and other times he just wanted to hear a friendly voice. I drove to meet Judah at a Starbucks up on Capital Hill or pick him up in front of the library downtown and take him for a teriyaki lunch and then return him to the street when done. Judah would talk in riddles and most of what he said did not make much sense. I was just happy to see him and share a moment with him because he asked and was willing to let me in.

      This web page is a memorial to Judah. It is not a place I intended to post flowery, sugar coated memories of Judah, rather real life memories which contain the good, the bad, and even the ugly (with respect).
      Although his life ended before his time, I am choosing to use that as a dedication to bring awareness to behavior health and mental illness. My hope is to be an encouragement to family members and friends of those suffering with mental illness, that any effort they put in to reach their loved one is not wasted. Your efforts may not appear to bear fruit but it means a lot to those living in darkness. Every kind word, phone call, letter, email or visit, keeps the light of hope present and gives strength to those in therapy. I love my son Judah and will never forget him nor allow his life to be forgotten!

      Blessings to all those who visit here and share a memory or experience you had with Judah.

      Judah’s Dad – webholyman
      G. Tomas Corsini Sr.

  6. I just learned of Judah’s passing. I am so sorry to hear this. We knew Judah when he was a young teenager going thru hell with his mom. He knew we were a safe place and would call my husband in the middle of the night from the pay phone at Safeway. My husband would get out of bed and go pick him up. We’d let him sleep in peace, love on him and fill his belly. Gosh we loved that kid. We lost touch when he moved up north with you but never stopped loving him or praying for him. We’d occasionally get weird, cryptic messages from him but he wouldn’t really let us engage or respond to our messages. I’m glad he is at peace and know with my whole heart he is with his Father in Heaven, at peace and fully loved. My heart hurts for you but I am certain you will someday be with him, both of you in peace in the loving presence of our Father.

    • Barbara, I never responded to your message so let me say “Thank you” now.
      With each passing year I review the responses on this site and re-read what few words have been shared about Judah whom I still feel the loss and think of every day. towards the end of June it’s like an alarm clock going off in my head to spend time remembering all the details of Judah’s life and ultimate passing. I cannot change my behavior nor will I ever forget him nor remembering my son Judah. I pray blessings on your life journey and your family this day.


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