Spokane Vacation

    Every year Amy and I alternate and either had our family come stay with us or we go stay with them in Spokane. This year is no different, with one exception, we have our baby girl, Selah with us now.

Every year now she is one year older and the experiences are all new and exciting. Selah’s excitement with the life we show her invigorates our lives and there is an excitement and looking forward to new blessings.

Thank you Father God for our baby girl Selah and the richness of your Love and grace.

In Memory of Tommy

A pay-it-forward message, in memory of our son Tommy who died at birth on October 16, 2009. Rather than a new year commitment, this is a simple reminder of the need for continued support for our children.


I can’t donate or contribute any amount of money to bring back our boy Tommy, however if there is one organization I can give my money toward saving a child and ‘Injury Prevention’ for our daughter Selah, this is that organization and the best message to give the children we cherish.


A message to an angel, a “Holyman”.

Hello my friend,

I am writing you tonight to tell you that you are one answer to many questions on my mind daily. At times the question cries out in my spirit, “Am I the only one who sees?”

I found your site tonight and it made me smile. Your work is inspiring and your manner a blessing.


I want to share with you a vision I had. A vision and a message of purpose and hope.

Not something that is too deep to make out or understand, it is a constant vision of a reality where there are truly others in this world that care what is happening to humans all around us every day. “Holymen”, “Holywomen” I call them, “Angels” wearing human bodies.

In my vision I watch as people are walking to and from their busy lives with an almost emotionless indifference towards the sick and suffering they walk past on their daily journey. I sometimes see myself as that person doing likewise. This is where I find again, that purposeful reminder of what I must do.

I find my purpose each time I advocate any work or energy spent in being a voice which brings awareness and resolve to the needs staring me in the face, every stare a waiting anxious plea for answers, mostly just for a kind word or a nod acknowledging existence, some are looking through me as if I am not there or they are deep in a depressive state. My goal, to bring awareness, to record the plight of these poor souls, to become their voice where they have none. My mission is to bring awareness, to tell their story!

One life experience lends to another and so on and so forth. I see each life as a canvas or a clay pot with writings and symbols deeply engraved in the fabric of their essence. Many lifetimes of travelled roads past, heaps of blessings and curses, tears, and sweat, feast and famine. Each life a living fresco waiting to share its journey with the world, like undiscovered lonely minerals just under the surface, mingled with the dust of the earth, barely visible yet shimmering all the same. Another question about these souls, where can I be the answer, how can I sustain them? My answer is not in my pocket or my wallet, although that at times is exactly where I find myself reaching. The answer comes again, ‘awareness’, of these works of creation, albeit rough and weathered, spirit filled bodies who breathe all the same, souls brought into this world, people who matter.

You present the avenue which does help make that difference in a world grown very dark with corruption and greed, single-mindedness, selfish ambition and indifference. You are a fresh reminder there is not only darkness but lights of hope still out there, an Angel with a mission, a “Holyman”.

I pray your way remains clear to you. May the Lord watch over the work you do and each voice you hear. May your hearing paint each story accurately and with a clarity, a focus on brevity separating perception and judgement, leading the way to compassion, understanding and Love.

Blessings my friend…


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2015 ‘Day of Caring’

I have not been actively updating this page in a while until now. As of today I will re-engage in my journal efforts with my compassionate journey details.

This year, on September 18th is the United Way sponsored Day of Caring, in which my goal is to organize at least one, if not more, volunteer teams. The deadline for submitting a project is July 18th. Until that date in July, I will be actively discussing the opportunity with my church, TNC in Seattle, and a few other worthy non-profit entities that may need the services of a volunteer team.

Repeat my life commitment statement:

I currently am freelancing in Digital Art: Photography, Digital Storytelling, Videography, Graphics, Web design.
I also work part-time as an Independent Living Specialist / Advocate / Assistive Technology Coordinator
My personal skills and life-hobby, if you will, is photojournalism and story telling.

My self-respect, My-Faith, My-Family, Volunteerism, Caring for the disabled, Feeding the Hungry, Sheltering the Homeless, Documenting and Telling their Stories to All Who Will Listen for As Long As Life is Present. Social responsibility, Social Justice and Advocacy, These are my priorities put in order, I share with others their importance to me. I believe through sharing my faith, my hope, and my love, I show acknowledgment, I share my compassion, and my time with those who lack the same, then I set an example for my life circle for all to see.

Daily as I encounter people bound by negativity, doubt and fear all around me, I remind myself I am a dim lit candle in the darkness, I help to bring light to the lost in the dark and draw them to the light that directs me, by inviting them to be the love and hope and value, sharing life with others is truly what makes us free. Then finding solutions together, removes fear and doubt, renews hope, builds confidence and seeks new direction.

I believe my circle of life and energy is bonded with the invisible chain of other circles, connected to each other by the same spirit. The spirit of community, peace and love our mission, we believe it, live it, we breathe it.

As each step is taken to Give of one’s self, two things happen.

#1 a sense of fulfillment and purpose is achieved, almost like the feeling of being complete, or as a piece of a one’s life puzzle is found.

#2 a witness to others in a person’s life circle is present.
This is a non-verbal testimony of purpose with clarity and focus.
Sharing that purpose and direction with others verbally is the key to spreading the message of hope and the tug on a fellow man’s heart towards commitment to others in need.
True satisfaction in life comes from taking steps towards a life with real purpose, and a focus on someone or something greater than one’s self.

G. Tomas Corsini Sr. aka – Webholyman