Senior Lobby Day Photos

As a member of the Bellevue Network on Aging, our sub-committee members attended this event to discuss the issues facing seniors and meet with legislators.
We met with them to thank them for listening to our requests and we presented our concerns about the upcoming fiscal budget and possible cuts to important programs.
This is the first of maybe three more event opportunities to support legislation to help sustain seniors, the homeless and vulnerable populations and their programs.

Senior Lobby Day Feb 21 2013

Gun Violence story and my feedback…

Today I watched a story about Sammi Rahamim.
Please take the time to watch this video.

Should my life be ended in like manner, as Sammi’s dad, I would hope and pray my children will do likewise in helping stop the violence.

Having lost our son at birth in 2009, albeit he was not shot to death, a death and loss is the same, that life is not present and the expectation of walking a continued journey in life with that loved one has ended.
I am sharing this video and my words, as an encouragement to revisit the topic of this story and the action we all need to take to keep our loved ones safe. I am not about taking away our ability to protect ourselves, rather preventing the slaughter and death of innocent lives from happening more often….or at all.


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Giving a voice to unheard global communities

I am posting a link below for all in my circles to be aware, encouraged, and hopefully inspired to act.
Not only is this resource a group putting together a new medium of communicating the needs of our suffering brothers and sisters around the world, but they are using a fresh and interesting method of presenting their message. If this is an inspiration to you today, please review their vision and organizational goals and consider contributing to this very worthy cause.


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Make time for your loved ones…

Visiting Mom down in Southern CA.
Mom knows her mortality, wants to live but knows God may have other plans.

My sweet bride Amy and I took her to the museum of natural history today, a blessing Mom has been missing for a time.
It was great being unplugged for a short time to create new memories before the opportunity fades altogether.

If I may encourage others in only one thing, that would be to make time with your loved ones….soon!