Women’s March Seattle, WA


Rewind and playback, I believe it is an understatement to say Saturday’s woman’s march was a success. From the moment I entered the freeway it felt more like a weekday, with freeway congestion all the way from the east side, Bellevue, to Seattle across Lake WA. It was more congested than when the Huskies have a playoff or either of the ball club stadiums downtown.


On the slow moving exit to the park where it all was scheduled to begin, the view of a makeshift homelessness camp taking over the entire area of the exit. You get a 360 view of the camp and feel the sorrow of yet another societal need still prevalent.
Men, women and children jumping out of their cars at the base of the exit, so the driver is left to struggle finding a place to park alone. There is a steady stream of march participants making their way up the long path to the park raising above the traffic.



As I made my way to the park area it was clear I would never be successful finding a place to park and unload my camera gear. so I headed beyond to the first corner of the march where it will turn and head for downtown, Jackson Street & 23rd Ave S. There I found a spot to park at a Starbucks Coffee store.

womens-march-2017-122 womens-march-2017-42


Once setup I began my witness of the demographics, the mood and tempo of this event. I felt as if I were at a big family BBQ making my way to the feast. Just about every group I can name was represented here. The young and old, families together with their small children participating in an event where it was not rude to express yourself and your thoughts. Our legacy and future are our children and they were very present at this event, participating in exercising free will and true Democracy at its core. Many of the signage carried by the young ones displayed a message they themselves crafted.




I felt the consistent pulse of the crowd as peaceful, their mood one of support and unity for each other, the man, women, child or elderly, shoulder to shoulder, front and back, next to you. This went on and on for over an hour before I packed up and went on my way. I believe this march was truly a successful one and I felt the collaborative spirit of a united people come out to share the day, with one voice, together.







Dedication to a friend…

I recently lost a church friend of mine.

She was always involved in something at church, a member of several groups and on a few boards. I never saw her sitting at the table with others at events, without first seeing her helping in the kitchen, making ready the meal and various offerings for the meal and side dishes. During most church services she was either playing bells, singing in the choir, passing out bulletins, leading worship, serving communion, or any number of duties requiring assistance.

My friend was to me, one of the best examples of selflessness, long suffering, goodness and a desire to worship the Lord with all she was and will ever be. She made me push forward at times when I was frustrated with many things in life, not related to church, just social injustice and the brevity of a good man’s work and life story. I don’t see many rushing in to take her place, albeit there will be one who will.

In dedication to my friend, I produced a video, sharing little portals of her life and her work, a small fraction of the many duties and service she gave to God and us all. I will not forget her nor the mark on my heart for which her role played in my life, the example I want to follow in without measure, with the same long suffering.

Join me in remembering….