Today I saw my neighbors become heroes

I was watching TV when I heard a crash just outside my house.
Then there was a car alarm sounding. One man said he believed the woman’s car strut had broke causing her to lose control of her car.
The car collided into a parked van and then flipped upside down, landing on the driver’s side roof. The top had been crushed closing the window’s opening to allow the driver to escape. By the time I got to the other side of the car, my neighbors were already helping the woman get out of the passenger’s side…she apparently was thrown into the back seat and was not visibly harmed in the crash. I watched as I saw a couple of my neighbors calling 911 and reporting the crash. Other neighbors were offering the woman a blanket, water, a first-aid kit and comfort. I believe she is going to be fine. Today I saw my neighbors become heroes.

My wife just went to a workshop all about getting to know our neighbors. It’s amazing how many we met today!

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