Preaching Advent’s Absurdity

This is my response to a posting on “Preaching Advent’s Absurdity ”

by Kara Root – Posted 11.23.11
Advent is an exercise in paradox.

If you can read this, when you share your message to the world on Advent Absurdity, my initial mental response was not too positive. You see I am a survivor in this world, I was living in sin and walking in the ways of the world. That is until I found Christ and learned to apply His teachings in my life.

I then filtered your message thru the Word I know, in which Paul states, as long as we are in these fleshly bodies, although we have God’s promise, we also still have the fleshly bodies and it is and will be a constant struggle.

Grace teaches us when we doubt from not seeing God work and move, as we look and wait, that we are forgiven.  I believe if we have our eyes heavenward we can see God work and move in everything around us.

The key word for me here is wait, “wait” is defined as, “…to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens.”

Do we as Christian submit to this mentality of waiting? or Do we actively celebrate another year of Grace in our life, sharing the HOPE of PEACE as we go about our journey? The positive mentality for me is to be all inclusive in my celebration. This is a time of year I put my world in check and reassess my path and my actions, matching them up with my faith walk and faith journey.

Where I have a temporal forgetfulness is a choice and part of the fleshly thing Paul spoke about, however, when I keep afresh, the memory that I have been literally pulled from the pit, been washed and cleaned, given a new robe and tunic, and received the Word, then I can see straight, applying a squeegee to my spiritual goggles, then quickly correct my path to the Way I began, as when I was made new, caring for the lost and the hungry, the hurting and the dying.

It only takes looking out the window of my car or on the news or in the newspaper or the internet, there are many opportunities to serve. The hurt and wrong and sin is all around me, but then I see the face of God in everything and can say, so is the SPIRIT. The face of God meaning, WWJD, and what am I doing.

The key for me is to enjoy the Advent seasonal merry-go-round as I reach out to others in Love and truth and Peace, sharing my wealth, my time, my talents, and most of all my FAITH.

Blessings my sister, to you, your family, your faith walk and life journey…


A New Day 11-29-11

A new day

A new beginning

Life challenges coming my way and I am not afraid

My body, mind, and spirit belong to God, what should I fear

He is with me in the excitement of my new beginning

He remains there all my life

My Lord has given me His Spirit to guide me along my way

He does not force me to go here or go there

Those are my choices, but my choice is to serve and please my Father God

I yield my will for His

and in doing so, I find more freedom and peace than ever before

Where will my journey take me this day, and what words will my Father have for me

I will wait on the Lord, until He draws near

I will look up to the heavens and listen to the small still voice to guide and direct my steps

I praise Your holy name, Jesus, my Lord

You are my safety, my shelter, and my strength