A message to an angel, a “Holyman”.

Hello my friend,

I am writing you tonight to tell you that you are one answer to many questions on my mind daily. At times the question cries out in my spirit, “Am I the only one who sees?”

I found your site tonight and it made me smile. Your work is inspiring and your manner a blessing.


I want to share with you a vision I had. A vision and a message of purpose and hope.

Not something that is too deep to make out or understand, it is a constant vision of a reality where there are truly others in this world that care what is happening to humans all around us every day. “Holymen”, “Holywomen” I call them, “Angels” wearing human bodies.

In my vision I watch as people are walking to and from their busy lives with an almost emotionless indifference towards the sick and suffering they walk past on their daily journey. I sometimes see myself as that person doing likewise. This is where I find again, that purposeful reminder of what I must do.

I find my purpose each time I advocate any work or energy spent in being a voice which brings awareness and resolve to the needs staring me in the face, every stare a waiting anxious plea for answers, mostly just for a kind word or a nod acknowledging existence, some are looking through me as if I am not there or they are deep in a depressive state. My goal, to bring awareness, to record the plight of these poor souls, to become their voice where they have none. My mission is to bring awareness, to tell their story!

One life experience lends to another and so on and so forth. I see each life as a canvas or a clay pot with writings and symbols deeply engraved in the fabric of their essence. Many lifetimes of travelled roads past, heaps of blessings and curses, tears, and sweat, feast and famine. Each life a living fresco waiting to share its journey with the world, like undiscovered lonely minerals just under the surface, mingled with the dust of the earth, barely visible yet shimmering all the same. Another question about these souls, where can I be the answer, how can I sustain them? My answer is not in my pocket or my wallet, although that at times is exactly where I find myself reaching. The answer comes again, ‘awareness’, of these works of creation, albeit rough and weathered, spirit filled bodies who breathe all the same, souls brought into this world, people who matter.

You present the avenue which does help make that difference in a world grown very dark with corruption and greed, single-mindedness, selfish ambition and indifference. You are a fresh reminder there is not only darkness but lights of hope still out there, an Angel with a mission, a “Holyman”.

I pray your way remains clear to you. May the Lord watch over the work you do and each voice you hear. May your hearing paint each story accurately and with a clarity, a focus on brevity separating perception and judgement, leading the way to compassion, understanding and Love.

Blessings my friend…


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