“Words” spoken/written…life and love shared

In my retirement I have made little effort to spend time journaling, which at best, is the only way to extrude my sentiment and charm as my loved ones know it. I want readers of my words to know, I believe, not all of it comes from shared experience or sentiment. I have been inspired by the Spirit within me to message out the deeper meaning behind my learned experiences, and how I believe there has always been a presence with me, one of greater care or concern for my life than I myself deemed necessary. One of my greatest champions of the oratory mastery of words and sentiment is Charles Spurgeon. In beginning my deeper journey into writing I have fancied his writings about the Word of God, and its interpretation, to be the closest to my faithful study, bereft the effort he put in its defining. Needless to say, because of this fact, I begin with a quote below from his writings on the book of Psalms, volume I.

“It is written* must of necessity apply to words, for only words are written. Those words which the Holy Spirit teaches are, however, by no means to be regarded as mere words, for besides their office of conserving the inner meaning, as the shell preserves the mystic germ within the egg, they are themselves spirit and life…”

In recent days and facing some health concerns, I realized it’s time, I needed to begin writing while the opportunity allows and before that window of time passes and I become too complacent with the life I’ve lived and lack the effort required.┬áMy life is so full of activity, although having a little one to care for, at my age, has in no way diminished my capacity to write, despite the energy it takes to “keep up.” My heart is so full and my spirit alive, with thought and purpose, my sweet bride Amy and daughter Selah have had so great an impact on my life journey, no doubt this journal will include them much of the time. Because of my age (63) it is for them that I write, to provide a look back, a place filled with memorable times and experiences. My mother was very forthcoming with her life journey and walks in the past, however, it is my father who was the classic ‘closed book’ and his thoughts to date remain a mystery. It is for that reason I choose to find the time and effort to provide a legacy for my loved ones. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for my life, being surrounded by His Spirit and comfort, and my family I love beside me, which make my journaling possible.

Blessings to my readers…