Summer Camp 2022

This year Amy and I decided to sign up Selah for a Christian summer camp, “Camp Lutherhaven”.

Because I was focused on her safety and it was her first time, I decided to also sign myself up to be a camp “Resource Staff”.

I shot still images, video from my GoPro and new DJI FPV drone.

I shared just about all of my digital media originals with the camp social media director for helping promote the camp.

The following video here is a compilations of a lot of video data, and shortened in order to give a glimpse of the events and activities at the camp.

This video should be designated as “unlisted” so it circulates only via link to my family to share in our family’s life experiences.


3-19-2021 Prayer Request

Father God,

I come before you today with our members’ diligence and ministry to their families, friends and neighbors.

I pray you Holy Spirit minister wisdom, healing, comfort and strength to the individuals they minister to and care for.

Bless these your children I stand with today, asking for prayer and the ones needing healing, Diane L, Jane R, and Wally, in Jesus’ name, Amen, Hallelujah!


12-19-2020 3:00 am

Thank you Jesus!
Every day, when I wake, the first thing I have on my lips, “Thank you Lord!”
As I raise my tired body I speak to it’s members saying, “OK time to check in.”
My wrists, elbows, knees, neck and lower back all crying out in pain. In my mind It’s just another day, so I reach for my glasses, I need to focus. Another day to spend with my precious family and make a difference.

It’s a new day and a new beginning. Yesterday is gone, I pray for forgiveness, a renewed spirit, and the strength to reach my new day’s purpose. I put on my reminder, a cross upon my chest to bare. Then the symbols upon my wrist which keep me close to loved ones gone and those alive in front of me.

Father God I lift my hands in worship, your glory I see all around me. You are my home, my rock, my every breath. I look there next to where I laid my head, the love of my life which you gave me, a reminder. Lord you restore me each time I fall, you hear my every prayer, you feel each teardrop fall, you hear every beat of my heart and the flow of life within me, it’s you, the reason I’m refreshed anew today, Hallelujah!

I check on our little one, our little blessing. I watch a moment to see her breathe, I lay my hand on her head each day, I claim her for you Lord, to be that blessing to all around her. I ask you to charge your angels surrounding her to keep her safe.
I thank you for this life and being present to watch her grow.
As I lift my hands to you I too feel every tear drop fall, every breath she takes, I see the life inside her which flows, Hallelujah! I praise you Lord!

We have so great an opportunity to see with your eyes and ears, and breath. Our hands, showing kindness, your love, repeating the journey, spreading the Joy, a wonderful life, being a parent.
Thank you Lord for giving me eyes to see, the legs to walk, each new experience to share, your Spirit guiding us along the way.

There is no pain that can take away my joy, nor redirect my love, you help me live in reflection, your Spirit is upon me, a shadow of my actions cast upon the wall next to me. Help me take each step on the path you’ve laid out for me, a blessing to others, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen! Hallelujah!

3-30-20 Morning prayers…

Good morning to you my loved ones,
I’m up early thanking the Lord for my family and friends, and all those I hold dear.
I’m praying for them which are on my heart.
“Father God, I come to your heavenly table of grace, asking for your ear. I hear a heavenly music playing 🎶 and I see all those who have gone before me dancing and lifting their voices with one accord, praising in worship, their creator!”
“Today I lift up all those on my heart and lay my burden for them at the foot of your holy throne.
May your Holy Spirit be swift and sure, claim these children of your refuge and your love.
Bless them and keep them this day. My love for them holds strong and that love casts a light of confidence in my walk, knowing my God and Savior, is also my friend who hears and acts upon my cries for those upon my ♥️.

Thank you for hearing me my Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

3-25-20 My Daily Meditations

In my meditation a few days ago, the words I read carried on for much longer and remain a part of my daily thoughts. In the text I read was the following:

…To a graceless neck the yoke of Christ is intolerable, but to the saved sinner it is easy and light. We may judge ourselves by this: do we love that yoke, or do we wish to cast it off? Psalms 2:3″

I carry this daily struggle with me and that question, “Do I love the yoke or do I wish to cast it off.”

The struggle would not be so hard if I were just a child living in my parents home following their rules and their doctrine of faith. I am an adult living on my own, with a family, and free from the bonds of anyone holding me back from the decisions I make. It is so easy to wander off the path of faith, justifying reasons for doing so.

The one focus I find which removes my struggle and helps me to stay on the path is in my daily prayer, “Lord, I want to make a conscious decision to follow you but I can’t do it alone. I need your Spirit to fill my heart with love for all that is holy and good and pure and acceptable in your eyes. Give me the strength to follow you to the truth in my daily decisions, answering that question and reaffirming, “I love the yoke!”
I am nothing without you, lonely, hurting, confused and wandering aimlessly. I died to myself that day so long ago, when you met me in my jail cell, you took away my pain, dried my tears and filled me with so much joy, I was forgiven and a new creature, walking in the light, filled with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping me to remember and continue with my day afresh, free from the struggle and focused, filled with purpose and love. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

A 2019 Christmas Message

A Christmas greetings to all our family and friends, from Tomas, Amy and Selah Corsini

It’s been a little while for some
To others it’s been a long while
No matter the length of time
Our love for each of you stirs in our hearts and our memories

Time and distance may keep us apart
But ‘Love’ has no boundaries of time or circumstance
We are celebrating the little life which came into this world so long ago
He opened a doorway for us all to enter into the heavenly realm

We have been given such a great gift, a path filled with purpose and freedom
The Christ child freed us from darkness and gave us His Word as a bridge to the light
His Spirit remains with us and is in us, guiding us to Himself and that light, daily
We Praise God for each of you as your life has somehow played a role in our journey to the light

Sharing the Love and Praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Feeling this Christmas season an opportunity to bring us close
A reminder of His sacrifice which binds us in Love seeing through eyes of faith and everlasting forgiveness and peace
No one has given more to so many who took so much away
His Grace, Love and forgiveness brings us that exceeding Joy

Blessings to you this day.

We want to share the following video of memories to remember with us.

There are so many joys and sorrows in life
Each has been for a purpose, an edification of our faith, hope and love
We miss our loved ones who are gone, and our heart aches, but we rejoice with you who remain.

We Praise God this day for our family and friends
and those of you we are yet to know in some way
May your journey be filled with Grace Love and Joy
May the Lord Bless each one of you and fill you with the Spirit, the “Teacher” of our soul

Tomas, Amy and Selah



July 3rd 2019 Remembering Judah

One year since he left our world, I thought there may be time to reach him, but the reality is Judah is better now and in peace with the Lord and a much greater family to share new memories. I miss him.

Prayers for Braden…

Father God,

Our lives are moving so fast with so much of life before us to attend to.

As I pause to honor you and praise your glory, I see there is a boy who is suffering.

Please lift him up into your arms this day and heal him from his disease.

I pray your Spirit be with his family and comfort them.

May your strength in them see him through this time and build their bond of family along the way. May your love and grace be upon them in every way.

Help me once again to share the burden of this child’s suffering and not be given over to complacency and a mediocre response, because I know it could be our daughter suffering and our family looking to you for answers and healing.

Today I join Braden Haskell and his family in his struggle for life and wellness.

Show me how to pray and how to serve you this day. Fill my heart with the compassion and love for others who need a kind word and gentile touch. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day – Remembering the ones we lose…

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan designated the month of October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. However, PAILRD was first observed much later. In 2002, it was held by 20 states. Since 2006, it has been proclaimed annually by all 50 states, with 8 states adopting permanent proclamation.


On October 16, 2009 we lost our son Tommy at birth. He was alive six (6) hours earlier and his death left us with heavy hearts mourning his passing. Had it not been for a loving church family, I am not sure we would have recovered with such strength as we did.

Every year we take a day or weekend off for a long drive to a remote quiet place where we can remember our son Tommy and celebrate his life, however short. Our life commitment is to remember him. This year we will take a drive to a remote lake in Northern Idaho.

In remembering the ones we lose, we honor their life and in their passing celebrate the time we spent together.

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Memorial Video – Remembering Judah

I keep telling myself, as each week passes it will get easier, but that’s just a lie!

Every day that passes I feel the pain. My mind plays back the video of my little boy from birth, and the thousands of moments as images of his life, racing through my mind.

I didn’t stop to record those images on paper or digitally, but they are burned in my mind. Every day I see new ones to remind me of his life as he grew up, so many of the things we did together. Then I remember so many things I missed.

On my visits with Judah as an adult suffering with his daemons, at times our visits were normal encouraging moments, however, most were spent listening to him babbling about things that made no sense at all. I am searching for both, a way to honor Judah, and healing from the pain of his loss.

Time is not my friend. I’m afraid it will never stop the hurt. I don’t want to stop my powerful recall of the pleasant memories of him, but the more recent struggles leading to his passing are equally powerful and ever present memories, I am torn between them.

I pray God, for your mercy and strength, to guide my mind and heal my painful memories and help me to use them for good and to help others like Judah who are still here suffering. Guide me oh Lord!

Below is the video I played at his memorial. I am still slowly working on producing a video of the service held on Friday, August 3rd, 2018. It was exactly one month following his death. I want to thank all those who came to pay their respect and share the love they experienced with Judah. It meant a lot to you but even more to me, his father. I also thank Pastor Thomas Kidd and Pastor Mark, for sharing their kind words and providing spiritual strength.

More to share in the coming days…but for now just remembering!




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Obituary for my son Judah


Judah Corsini – January 7, 1986 – July 3, 2018

Judah was born at home in Tacoma, WA, delivered by a midwife and his father, and was a sweet boy with a good spirit. So sweet and caring that he quickly earned the nickname of “Sugarman.”

At age 15, Judah came to live with his father and step-mother, at which point his education finally took hold in a public high school.

Judah proved his potential to excel, eventually finding his own way through being admitted to Western Washington University. He was extremely self-driven with high intelligence and had many life goals. Along with his self-drive for a good education, Judah was also trained in several construction trades by his father, in which, Judah had mastered painting and landscaping. “God blessed the work of his hands”, his father stated, and is proud of his accomplishments.

When Judah was a few semesters from completing his BA, he began to suffer from mental illness and drug abuse. Even amid Judah’s condition, his friends will tell you he was a loving, caring and a fun person to be around.

Judah was preceded in death by his little brother “Tommy” in 2009, Grandpa Len (Amy’s father) in 2010, and Grandma Evy in 2013. He is survived by many other family members: his parents G. Tomas Sr. and Amy Corsini, Grandma Jan, his biological mother Laurieann, and five other siblings from mixed families: Danielle Corsini, Julia Corsini-Ortiz, Malachi Corsini, Sharayah Rose Beattie, and Selah Corsini; as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

My son Judah suffered from mental illness and brokenness of spirit and a tormented mind. We believe he is in a better place, and both his mind and spirit are finally at peace. A celebration of life will be held on August 3, 2018, 10:00 a.m., at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 3030 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

Chocolate Champagne Gala 2018

On 4/21/18 I attended the Lutheran Community Service North West Fundraiser, to capture images and video. I am including a link to some images. My goal is to produce a video short story of the event and what it supports.
The C&C Gala is a benefit for the Sexual Assault & Family Trauma (SAFeT) Response Center, a vital program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest. The SAFeT Response Center serves individuals and families affected by sexual assault, child sexual abuse, homicide, crimes and other traumatic, life-altering events. SAFeT provides: a 24/7 Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Crisis Line, Clinical Services, Victim Advocacy and Support Services, Anti-Human Trafficking awareness and advocacy work, and Education and Prevention Services.

Morning Prayer March 5, 2018

My prayer for the day…
Thank you Lord for another day to be a friend and husband to my sweet bride! I ask a special blessing on Amy today, that she might know your presence and feel your Spirit’s comfort in her daily journey. Thank you for her and our Selah, my cup is full of blessings.

Although you are ever present with me and you are my shelter, I pray for a home my family can call our own, invite family, friends and strangers to visit.

I pray you bless me with the eyes to see the needs around me and to hear your voice leading me.

Thank you Lord for my job and the ability to pay our bills. I ask for an increase in the work and opportunity to tell others’ stories in digital media, my passion.

Thank you for the opportunities around me to educate myself and grow in knowledge.
Help me to use what I learn to help my family, my friends and all those I meet.

Lord, guide me with your Spirit, I pray. Let your light in me lead those in darkness, to a way out of confusion.
Increase my faith Lord and please forgive me when I doubt.
Let my heart and conscience bear witness of my desire, to bring honor and glory to your name….in all that I do and say… all I do and say… bring honor and glory to your name. Help these words to echo in my mind, my spirit, and as I breathe the air you give.

Help me to walk with your full armor encompassed around me, my family and all those in my life.
I pray for mercy and comfort for all those who are hurting this day, the hungry, sick, the lonely, those who are in prison, those who are dying and those who are afraid.
Thank you Jesus, for my life! In Jesus’ name Amen.


Celebrating my sister Lucy…

This past Saturday I had the blessing and opportunity to craft Lucy’s life celebration using stills I scanned and produced in a video for her wonderful daughter Mary. I also recorded the service and reception following, which I will produce and publish at a later date. Thank you Lord for my dear sister Lucy, the life she lived, the volunteer work she did so faithfully and her kindness and constant smile.

Lucy Gregg’s Life Celebration


Scouting Event brings back memories…

It’s amazing what one image will do…to me anyway!

I was on this photo shoot project for a Cub Scout Crossing Over Ceremony and as I looked through my lens at these boys being promoted to the next level in their growth as a scout, ascending to a new level of experience and training, it took me back 25 years when my boys were in scouting and I was a scout leader.


The time and effort to support a child in a scout program is not really much, I thought initially, however, there are specific codes to follow, ceremonies, new traditions introduced, equipment to purchase and time off from working some weekends. Then there is the example my children are being taught in scouts and the example seeing me live by at home. It was teaching me, testing my actions and my new challenges. I saw quickly there must be continuity between them both if I am to be a successful leader and father. So in my effort to capture a memory for an important event for this scout troop, I also brought back some pleasant ones of time passed which brought me peace, hope and Love.

Peace, because I remember being consistent in my participation and commitment to my children’s program and their happiness. Hope, because of the activities, motto’s and traditions which helped my children gain respect for themselves and the person standing next to them, stood to be as tools to guide them in the years to come. Love, because I watched my boys compete at first but slowly learning about selflessness, sharing and collaborating to reach a goal as an individual and as a team. I knew this was something I could look forward to seeing in them as they became adults. No matter how far they go off the path of right things or compromise what they know to be correct and true, these things they learned while they were young would always be a part of who they are and be that voice from within when I am no longer there to guide them.


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Women’s March Seattle, WA


Rewind and playback, I believe it is an understatement to say Saturday’s woman’s march was a success. From the moment I entered the freeway it felt more like a weekday, with freeway congestion all the way from the east side, Bellevue, to Seattle across Lake WA. It was more congested than when the Huskies have a playoff or either of the ball club stadiums downtown.


On the slow moving exit to the park where it all was scheduled to begin, the view of a makeshift homelessness camp taking over the entire area of the exit. You get a 360 view of the camp and feel the sorrow of yet another societal need still prevalent.
Men, women and children jumping out of their cars at the base of the exit, so the driver is left to struggle finding a place to park alone. There is a steady stream of march participants making their way up the long path to the park raising above the traffic.



As I made my way to the park area it was clear I would never be successful finding a place to park and unload my camera gear. so I headed beyond to the first corner of the march where it will turn and head for downtown, Jackson Street & 23rd Ave S. There I found a spot to park at a Starbucks Coffee store.

womens-march-2017-122 womens-march-2017-42


Once setup I began my witness of the demographics, the mood and tempo of this event. I felt as if I were at a big family BBQ making my way to the feast. Just about every group I can name was represented here. The young and old, families together with their small children participating in an event where it was not rude to express yourself and your thoughts. Our legacy and future are our children and they were very present at this event, participating in exercising free will and true Democracy at its core. Many of the signage carried by the young ones displayed a message they themselves crafted.




I felt the consistent pulse of the crowd as peaceful, their mood one of support and unity for each other, the man, women, child or elderly, shoulder to shoulder, front and back, next to you. This went on and on for over an hour before I packed up and went on my way. I believe this march was truly a successful one and I felt the collaborative spirit of a united people come out to share the day, with one voice, together.







Dedication to a friend…

I recently lost a church friend of mine.

She was always involved in something at church, a member of several groups and on a few boards. I never saw her sitting at the table with others at events, without first seeing her helping in the kitchen, making ready the meal and various offerings for the meal and side dishes. During most church services she was either playing bells, singing in the choir, passing out bulletins, leading worship, serving communion, or any number of duties requiring assistance.

My friend was to me, one of the best examples of selflessness, long suffering, goodness and a desire to worship the Lord with all she was and will ever be. She made me push forward at times when I was frustrated with many things in life, not related to church, just social injustice and the brevity of a good man’s work and life story. I don’t see many rushing in to take her place, albeit there will be one who will.

In dedication to my friend, I produced a video, sharing little portals of her life and her work, a small fraction of the many duties and service she gave to God and us all. I will not forget her nor the mark on my heart for which her role played in my life, the example I want to follow in without measure, with the same long suffering.

Join me in remembering….