3-30-20 Morning prayers…

Good morning to you my loved ones,
I’m up early thanking the Lord for my family and friends, and all those I hold dear.
I’m praying for them which are on my heart.
“Father God, I come to your heavenly table of grace, asking for your ear. I hear a heavenly music playing 🎶 and I see all those who have gone before me dancing and lifting their voices with one accord, praising in worship, their creator!”
“Today I lift up all those on my heart and lay my burden for them at the foot of your holy throne.
May your Holy Spirit be swift and sure, claim these children of your refuge and your love.
Bless them and keep them this day. My love for them holds strong and that love casts a light of confidence in my walk, knowing my God and Savior, is also my friend who hears and acts upon my cries for those upon my ♥️.

Thank you for hearing me my Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

3-25-20 My Daily Meditations

In my meditation a few days ago, the words I read carried on for much longer and remain a part of my daily thoughts. In the text I read was the following:

…To a graceless neck the yoke of Christ is intolerable, but to the saved sinner it is easy and light. We may judge ourselves by this: do we love that yoke, or do we wish to cast it off? Psalms 2:3″

I carry this daily struggle with me and that question, “Do I love the yoke or do I wish to cast it off.”

The struggle would not be so hard if I were just a child living in my parents home following their rules and their doctrine of faith. I am an adult living on my own, with a family, and free from the bonds of anyone holding me back from the decisions I make. It is so easy to wander off the path of faith, justifying reasons for doing so.

The one focus I find which removes my struggle and helps me to stay on the path is in my daily prayer, “Lord, I want to make a conscious decision to follow you but I can’t do it alone. I need your Spirit to fill my heart with love for all that is holy and good and pure and acceptable in your eyes. Give me the strength to follow you to the truth in my daily decisions, answering that question and reaffirming, “I love the yoke!”
I am nothing without you, lonely, hurting, confused and wandering aimlessly. I died to myself that day so long ago, when you met me in my jail cell, you took away my pain, dried my tears and filled me with so much joy, I was forgiven and a new creature, walking in the light, filled with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping me to remember and continue with my day afresh, free from the struggle and focused, filled with purpose and love. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

A 2019 Christmas Message

A Christmas greetings to all our family and friends, from Tomas, Amy and Selah Corsini

It’s been a little while for some
To others it’s been a long while
No matter the length of time
Our love for each of you stirs in our hearts and our memories

Time and distance may keep us apart
But ‘Love’ has no boundaries of time or circumstance
We are celebrating the little life which came into this world so long ago
He opened a doorway for us all to enter into the heavenly realm

We have been given such a great gift, a path filled with purpose and freedom
The Christ child freed us from darkness and gave us His Word as a bridge to the light
His Spirit remains with us and is in us, guiding us to Himself and that light, daily
We Praise God for each of you as your life has somehow played a role in our journey to the light

Sharing the Love and Praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Feeling this Christmas season an opportunity to bring us close
A reminder of His sacrifice which binds us in Love seeing through eyes of faith and everlasting forgiveness and peace
No one has given more to so many who took so much away
His Grace, Love and forgiveness brings us that exceeding Joy

Blessings to you this day.

We want to share the following video of memories to remember with us.

There are so many joys and sorrows in life
Each has been for a purpose, an edification of our faith, hope and love
We miss our loved ones who are gone, and our heart aches, but we rejoice with you who remain.

We Praise God this day for our family and friends
and those of you we are yet to know in some way
May your journey be filled with Grace Love and Joy
May the Lord Bless each one of you and fill you with the Spirit, the “Teacher” of our soul

Tomas, Amy and Selah



July 3rd 2019 Remembering Judah

One year since he left our world, I thought there may be time to reach him, but the reality is Judah is better now and in peace with the Lord and a much greater family to share new memories. I miss him.

Prayers for Braden…

Father God,

Our lives are moving so fast with so much of life before us to attend to.

As I pause to honor you and praise your glory, I see there is a boy who is suffering.

Please lift him up into your arms this day and heal him from his disease.

I pray your Spirit be with his family and comfort them.

May your strength in them see him through this time and build their bond of family along the way. May your love and grace be upon them in every way.

Help me once again to share the burden of this child’s suffering and not be given over to complacency and a mediocre response, because I know it could be our daughter suffering and our family looking to you for answers and healing.

Today I join Braden Haskell and his family in his struggle for life and wellness.

Show me how to pray and how to serve you this day. Fill my heart with the compassion and love for others who need a kind word and gentile touch. In Jesus’ name, Amen.