12-19-2020 3:00 am

Thank you Jesus!
Every day, when I wake, the first thing I have on my lips, “Thank you Lord!”
As I raise my tired body I speak to it’s members saying, “OK time to check in.”
My wrists, elbows, knees, neck and lower back all crying out in pain. In my mind It’s just another day, so I reach for my glasses, I need to focus. Another day to spend with my precious family and make a difference.

It’s a new day and a new beginning. Yesterday is gone, I pray for forgiveness, a renewed spirit, and the strength to reach my new day’s purpose. I put on my reminder, a cross upon my chest to bare. Then the symbols upon my wrist which keep me close to loved ones gone and those alive in front of me.

Father God I lift my hands in worship, your glory I see all around me. You are my home, my rock, my every breath. I look there next to where I laid my head, the love of my life which you gave me, a reminder. Lord you restore me each time I fall, you hear my every prayer, you feel each teardrop fall, you hear every beat of my heart and the flow of life within me, it’s you, the reason I’m refreshed anew today, Hallelujah!

I check on our little one, our little blessing. I watch a moment to see her breathe, I lay my hand on her head each day, I claim her for you Lord, to be that blessing to all around her. I ask you to charge your angels surrounding her to keep her safe.
I thank you for this life and being present to watch her grow.
As I lift my hands to you I too feel every tear drop fall, every breath she takes, I see the life inside her which flows, Hallelujah! I praise you Lord!

We have so great an opportunity to see with your eyes and ears, and breath. Our hands, showing kindness, your love, repeating the journey, spreading the Joy, a wonderful life, being a parent.
Thank you Lord for giving me eyes to see, the legs to walk, each new experience to share, your Spirit guiding us along the way.

There is no pain that can take away my joy, nor redirect my love, you help me live in reflection, your Spirit is upon me, a shadow of my actions cast upon the wall next to me. Help me take each step on the path you’ve laid out for me, a blessing to others, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen! Hallelujah!

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