3-30-20 Morning prayers…

Good morning to you my loved ones,
I’m up early thanking the Lord for my family and friends, and all those I hold dear.
I’m praying for them which are on my heart.
“Father God, I come to your heavenly table of grace, asking for your ear. I hear a heavenly music playing 🎶 and I see all those who have gone before me dancing and lifting their voices with one accord, praising in worship, their creator!”
“Today I lift up all those on my heart and lay my burden for them at the foot of your holy throne.
May your Holy Spirit be swift and sure, claim these children of your refuge and your love.
Bless them and keep them this day. My love for them holds strong and that love casts a light of confidence in my walk, knowing my God and Savior, is also my friend who hears and acts upon my cries for those upon my ♥️.

Thank you for hearing me my Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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