3-25-20 My Daily Meditations

In my meditation a few days ago, the words I read carried on for much longer and remain a part of my daily thoughts. In the text I read was the following:

…To a graceless neck the yoke of Christ is intolerable, but to the saved sinner it is easy and light. We may judge ourselves by this: do we love that yoke, or do we wish to cast it off? Psalms 2:3″

I carry this daily struggle with me and that question, “Do I love the yoke or do I wish to cast it off.”

The struggle would not be so hard if I were just a child living in my parents home following their rules and their doctrine of faith. I am an adult living on my own, with a family, and free from the bonds of anyone holding me back from the decisions I make. It is so easy to wander off the path of faith, justifying reasons for doing so.

The one focus I find which removes my struggle and helps me to stay on the path is in my daily prayer, “Lord, I want to make a conscious decision to follow you but I can’t do it alone. I need your Spirit to fill my heart with love for all that is holy and good and pure and acceptable in your eyes. Give me the strength to follow you to the truth in my daily decisions, answering that question and reaffirming, “I love the yoke!”
I am nothing without you, lonely, hurting, confused and wandering aimlessly. I died to myself that day so long ago, when you met me in my jail cell, you took away my pain, dried my tears and filled me with so much joy, I was forgiven and a new creature, walking in the light, filled with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping me to remember and continue with my day afresh, free from the struggle and focused, filled with purpose and love. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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