A New Day 11-29-11

A new day

A new beginning

Life challenges coming my way and I am not afraid

My body, mind, and spirit belong to God, what should I fear

He is with me in the excitement of my new beginning

He remains there all my life

My Lord has given me His Spirit to guide me along my way

He does not force me to go here or go there

Those are my choices, but my choice is to serve and please my Father God

I yield my will for His

and in doing so, I find more freedom and peace than ever before

Where will my journey take me this day, and what words will my Father have for me

I will wait on the Lord, until He draws near

I will look up to the heavens and listen to the small still voice to guide and direct my steps

I praise Your holy name, Jesus, my Lord

You are my safety, my shelter, and my strength




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