2016 Veterans Day

Today I share a link to some images of last Friday, Veterans Day.

My sweet bride works for Dignity Memorial and is based out of Sunset Hills, making it an easy task of coordinating my camera intrusion in recording this event. The one significant thing to note, having an almost 3 yr. old myself, is not one young boy or girl was fidgeting or talking or unruly during the hour of the service. This was inside a packed building with standing room only. Everyone was respectful and mindful of the task at hand, honoring those who serve, both past and present. There were a few who stood in the gap for those who could not be present. I was moved by the honor and commitment shown by all who attended.



Spokane Vacation

    Every year Amy and I alternate and either had our family come stay with us or we go stay with them in Spokane. This year is no different, with one exception, we have our baby girl, Selah with us now.

Every year now she is one year older and the experiences are all new and exciting. Selah’s excitement with the life we show her invigorates our lives and there is an excitement and looking forward to new blessings.

Thank you Father God for our baby girl Selah and the richness of your Love and grace.

In Memory of Tommy

A pay-it-forward message, in memory of our son Tommy who died at birth on October 16, 2009. Rather than a new year commitment, this is a simple reminder of the need for continued support for our children.


I can’t donate or contribute any amount of money to bring back our boy Tommy, however if there is one organization I can give my money toward saving a child and ‘Injury Prevention’ for our daughter Selah, this is that organization and the best message to give the children we cherish.