Memorial Video – Remembering Judah

I keep telling myself, as each week passes it will get easier, but that’s just a lie!

Every day that passes I feel the pain. My mind plays back the video of my little boy from birth, and the thousands of moments as images of his life, racing through my mind.

I didn’t stop to record those images on paper or digitally, but they are burned in my mind. Every day I see new ones to remind me of his life as he grew up, so many of the things we did together. Then I remember so many things I missed.

On my visits with Judah as an adult suffering with his daemons, at times our visits were normal encouraging moments, however, most were spent listening to him babbling about things that made no sense at all. I am searching for both, a way to honor Judah, and healing from the pain of his loss.

Time is not my friend. I’m afraid it will never stop the hurt. I don’t want to stop my powerful recall of the pleasant memories of him, but the more recent struggles leading to his passing are equally powerful and ever present memories, I am torn between them.

I pray God, for your mercy and strength, to guide my mind and heal my painful memories and help me to use them for good and to help others like Judah who are still here suffering. Guide me oh Lord!

Below is the video I played at his memorial. I am still slowly working on producing a video of the service held on Friday, August 3rd, 2018. It was exactly one month following his death. I want to thank all those who came to pay their respect and share the love they experienced with Judah. It meant a lot to you but even more to me, his father. I also thank Pastor Thomas Kidd and Pastor Mark, for sharing their kind words and providing spiritual strength.

More to share in the coming days…but for now just remembering!




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Obituary for my son Judah


Judah Corsini – January 7, 1986 – July 3, 2018

Judah was born at home in Tacoma, WA, delivered by a midwife and his father, and was a sweet boy with a good spirit. So sweet and caring that he quickly earned the nickname of “Sugarman.”

At age 15, Judah came to live with his father and step-mother, at which point his education finally took hold in a public high school.

Judah proved his potential to excel, eventually finding his own way through being admitted to Western Washington University. He was extremely self-driven with high intelligence and had many life goals. Along with his self-drive for a good education, Judah was also trained in several construction trades by his father, in which, Judah had mastered painting and landscaping. “God blessed the work of his hands”, his father stated, and is proud of his accomplishments.

When Judah was a few semesters from completing his BA, he began to suffer from mental illness and drug abuse. Even amid Judah’s condition, his friends will tell you he was a loving, caring and a fun person to be around.

Judah was preceded in death by his little brother “Tommy” in 2009, Grandpa Len (Amy’s father) in 2010, and Grandma Evy in 2013. He is survived by many other family members: his parents G. Tomas Sr. and Amy Corsini, Grandma Jan, his biological mother Laurieann, and five other siblings from mixed families: Danielle Corsini, Julia Corsini-Ortiz, Malachi Corsini, Sharayah Rose Beattie, and Selah Corsini; as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

My son Judah suffered from mental illness and brokenness of spirit and a tormented mind. We believe he is in a better place, and both his mind and spirit are finally at peace. A celebration of life will be held on August 3, 2018, 10:00 a.m., at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 3030 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

Chocolate Champagne Gala 2018

On 4/21/18 I attended the Lutheran Community Service North West Fundraiser, to capture images and video. I am including a link to some images. My goal is to produce a video short story of the event and what it supports.
The C&C Gala is a benefit for the Sexual Assault & Family Trauma (SAFeT) Response Center, a vital program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest. The SAFeT Response Center serves individuals and families affected by sexual assault, child sexual abuse, homicide, crimes and other traumatic, life-altering events. SAFeT provides: a 24/7 Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Crisis Line, Clinical Services, Victim Advocacy and Support Services, Anti-Human Trafficking awareness and advocacy work, and Education and Prevention Services.

Morning Prayer March 5, 2018

My prayer for the day…
Thank you Lord for another day to be a friend and husband to my sweet bride! I ask a special blessing on Amy today, that she might know your presence and feel your Spirit’s comfort in her daily journey. Thank you for her and our Selah, my cup is full of blessings.

Although you are ever present with me and you are my shelter, I pray for a home my family can call our own, invite family, friends and strangers to visit.

I pray you bless me with the eyes to see the needs around me and to hear your voice leading me.

Thank you Lord for my job and the ability to pay our bills. I ask for an increase in the work and opportunity to tell others’ stories in digital media, my passion.

Thank you for the opportunities around me to educate myself and grow in knowledge.
Help me to use what I learn to help my family, my friends and all those I meet.

Lord, guide me with your Spirit, I pray. Let your light in me lead those in darkness, to a way out of confusion.
Increase my faith Lord and please forgive me when I doubt.
Let my heart and conscience bear witness of my desire, to bring honor and glory to your name….in all that I do and say… all I do and say… bring honor and glory to your name. Help these words to echo in my mind, my spirit, and as I breathe the air you give.

Help me to walk with your full armor encompassed around me, my family and all those in my life.
I pray for mercy and comfort for all those who are hurting this day, the hungry, sick, the lonely, those who are in prison, those who are dying and those who are afraid.
Thank you Jesus, for my life! In Jesus’ name Amen.


Celebrating my sister Lucy…

This past Saturday I had the blessing and opportunity to craft Lucy’s life celebration using stills I scanned and produced in a video for her wonderful daughter Mary. I also recorded the service and reception following, which I will produce and publish at a later date. Thank you Lord for my dear sister Lucy, the life she lived, the volunteer work she did so faithfully and her kindness and constant smile.

Lucy Gregg’s Life Celebration


Scouting Event brings back memories…

It’s amazing what one image will do…to me anyway!

I was on this photo shoot project for a Cub Scout Crossing Over Ceremony and as I looked through my lens at these boys being promoted to the next level in their growth as a scout, ascending to a new level of experience and training, it took me back 25 years when my boys were in scouting and I was a scout leader.


The time and effort to support a child in a scout program is not really much, I thought initially, however, there are specific codes to follow, ceremonies, new traditions introduced, equipment to purchase and time off from working some weekends. Then there is the example my children are being taught in scouts and the example seeing me live by at home. It was teaching me, testing my actions and my new challenges. I saw quickly there must be continuity between them both if I am to be a successful leader and father. So in my effort to capture a memory for an important event for this scout troop, I also brought back some pleasant ones of time passed which brought me peace, hope and Love.

Peace, because I remember being consistent in my participation and commitment to my children’s program and their happiness. Hope, because of the activities, motto’s and traditions which helped my children gain respect for themselves and the person standing next to them, stood to be as tools to guide them in the years to come. Love, because I watched my boys compete at first but slowly learning about selflessness, sharing and collaborating to reach a goal as an individual and as a team. I knew this was something I could look forward to seeing in them as they became adults. No matter how far they go off the path of right things or compromise what they know to be correct and true, these things they learned while they were young would always be a part of who they are and be that voice from within when I am no longer there to guide them.


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