Make time for your loved ones…

Visiting Mom down in Southern CA.
Mom knows her mortality, wants to live but knows God may have other plans.

My sweet bride Amy and I took her to the museum of natural history today, a blessing Mom has been missing for a time.
It was great being unplugged for a short time to create new memories before the opportunity fades altogether.

If I may encourage others in only one thing, that would be to make time with your loved ones….soon!



Remembering Tommy 2012

To the many we have come to love and respect…we want to share this latest video made in honor and remembrance of our sweet son Tommy

On October 15th & 16th Amy and I will be taking some time off work and taking a drive in the quiet of the country, to remember Tommy.

Tommy will be three years old on the 16th. We would like to think of him sitting on Papa Leonard’s knees, as Papa Leonard shares some stories with him. The memory of his life and passing is ever present with us and he will be in our heart, mind, and spirit, forever.

We look forward to the day when we will see his smiling face, as we embrace once again…..with joy.

The link below goes straight to my secure Dropbox.

Feel free to share this post with anyone who wants to celebrate his life and our love for him.

Every year I will create something a little different to keep the message fresh and the memory of him alive.



Tomas’ mantra….will you make this yours?

There are many scriptural references I am so moved as to using them for myself daily…little quick words or phrases.

One such phrase I hear over and over in my head, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, not sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in His law doth he meditate day and night.”

Such verse(s) I make my mantra daily…..again, and again, and again.

I will share this with my sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, to all those who I come upon…I echo these words out to a world in pain, lost confused and seeking direction.

Like aimless wanderers looking at a map, but it is of the wrong continent the wrong world, the wrong universe, we ask, “Where is our example of where to go, who to look to for a vision, a dream, a purpose?

“Who will hold up the standard, who will light our path through the darkness?”

“Who stands for justice and mercy, who is our example of true Love and holiness?

“Father God, I know it is YOU, the answer to my many questions, let my words not fall on deaf ears, nor my petition and plea go without answer”

“Show me my purpose, help me to listen to your Spirit’s call…”

“Help me to listen!”

“Help me to hear your Spirit’s call.”



Psalm 15 (NRSV)

1 O Lord, who may abide in your tent? Who may dwell on your holy hill?

2 Those who walk blamelessly, and do what is right, and speak the truth from their heart;

3 who do not slander with their tongue, and do no evil to their friends, nor take up a reproach against their neighbors;

4 in whose eyes the wicked are despised, but who honor those who fear the Lord; who stand by their oath even to their hurt;

5 who do not lend money at interest, and do not take a bribe against the innocent. Those who do these things shall never be moved.

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To my sister Roselyn 07-25-12


I am ready to pray…


Lord, the opportunity to lift up others’ needs has been given to me this day.

Prepare my heart and my spirit this week, for the journey that is ahead of me.

Let each experience I face daily become as one block built upon another, side-by-side, supporting one another.

Let these experiences prepare me, strengthen me, enlighten me, encourage me, for your Spirit to use me.

Help me to live my faith the way I share it with others.

Forgive my sin and shortcomings, the things that keep me from you, your word, your blessing.

Thank you for my life and the lives of all those around me.

Thank you for your light and may it shine from deep within me.

Thank you for my sister Roselyn, your faithful servant and the example she sets before me.

Give us your blessing now and throughout this week, that we may share them with others.

Help us to find the words to share, words for every situation, words filled with hope and love and respect.

Thank you for all that we have…..all that we are….together!



To my sister Cheri….07-25-12

I hear Rejoicing….
I thank you Lord, for my sister Cheri and for hearing our prayers…
You make the hearts of man melt before us…
On a fair day and a clear night’s ski for all the world to see our God at work.
I heard of a mixed blessing in the loss of a loved one….
Lord let her rejoice with us now as well, because a double blessing has come, an end of suffering.
Give us the strength to follow your way, the path you set before us, your love works in and through us…
Help us to use the things we have and do not deserve, with so many who have little and deserve much.
Thank you for a beautiful day as we begin again, our journey…
May your Spirit be with us and in us, with every breath that we take…
Thank you for our lives and all that we have, all that we are…..together!



What is a Disciple? …self-identification for seekers to learn and then follow GOD’s teachings.

I sent a note to a woman today, to let her know I was blessed in reading her entry for “GOD Pause”. (GOD Pause for Monday – April 16th – 2012)

The part of the entry I specifically resonated with: “…When I first read this passage years ago, I wanted every church to change their membership policies to include a commitment to the church as deep as this. Naive? Overly-zealous? Why, yes. I’ve been accused of that before…”

I believe, It takes that willingness of Spirit and just that give-it-all level of commitment before believers can truly experience, ALL of Proverbs 3….especially 3:6, “…in all your ways acknowledge HIM, and He will direct your path.” This alone is my challenge every day! I ask GOD to help me to release what I have to give, to share of myself and my possessions.

 John 8:31-32 “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, If you abide in my word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

I believe that most people, Christian or not, really believe that money and possessions is the root of this dialog, when in actuality, it has nothing to do with it.

It is a state of mind, an experience, a deep rooted set of mores that will only work as people are made aware and examples shown…a path to follow.

What I hear and see is this…To be a Disciple of Christ, a student who is constantly digging into the word, searching for instructions and then following those examples, to put everyone first before myself, that is not to be determined by their faith, sexual orientation, religion, opinions, attitude, actions, politics, sins or service. I must give or be willing to give of myself as others have need. That includes my ears and my attention. Most people just want to be heard, to let them tell their story….in it is the key, sharing their journey of pain, suffering, their joy and their indecision about life and faith, about self…their reason for existence, their purpose!

As people around my circle of life see me giving my full attention and respect to them without prejudice, and yet without giving up my mores, it is at that point the SPIRIT begins to work, my job is to listen to the Spirit and be that willing vessel. It is not my job to fix people or be their solution.

I pray for self-control to just listen, asking God as I listen, to guide me through His Spirit, what if anything I should do or say, or not do or not say, but in any case, I am doing it already…I am there side by side with them in community, sharing a story, being a friend, someone to talk to, someone who will listen!

“Father God, I pray you give me your wisdom, patience and strength…all the things we need to be your disciples and serve others. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Blessings to Siri, Theodore and Lucy


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The subconsious commitment present…affirming witness!

My self-respect, My-Faith, My-Family, Volunteerism, Caring for the disabled, Feeding the Hungry, Sheltering the Homeless, Documenting and Telling their Stories to All Who Will Listen for As Long As Life is Present.

These are my priorities put in order, I share with others their importance to me. I believe through sharing my faith, my hope, and my love, I show acknowledgment, I share my compassion, and my time with those who lack the same, in doing such, I set an example for my life circle and for all to bear witness.

Daily as I encounter people bound by negativity, doubt and fear all around me, I remind myself I am a dim lit candle in the darkness, I help to bring light to the lost in the dark and draw them to the light that directs me, by inviting them to be the love and hope and value, sharing life with others is truly what makes us free. Then finding solutions together, removes fear and doubt, renews hope, builds confidence and seeks new direction.

I believe my circle of life and energy is bonded with the invisible chain of other circles, connected to each other by the same spirit. The spirit of community, peace and love, our mission, we believe it, live it, we breathe it.

As each step is taken to Give of one’s self, two things happen.

#1 – A sense of fulfillment and purpose is achieved, almost like the feeling of being complete, or as a piece of a one’s life puzzle is found.

#2  – A witness to others in a person’s life circle is present.

This is a non-verbal testimony of purpose with clarity and focus.
Sharing that purpose and direction with others verbally is the key to spreading the message of hope and the tug on a fellow man’s heart towards commitment to others in need.

True satisfaction in life comes from taking steps towards a life with real purpose, and a focus on someone or something greater than one’s self.


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My Daily Prayer – 01/25/12

Father God, I come before you and ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for my complacency and lack of response to sharing the love you placed in my heart with all those around me.

Fill me with your spirit of Love afresh each day, forgive my unforgiveness towards those who have wronged me. Please don’t turn a deaf ear to my prayers…and my daily struggle. Help me to overcome my selfishness and highmindeness. Teach my spirit to hear your Spirit speaking peace and direction for my life, one step at a time. Teach me to listen!

Thank you Father God for your word, the Word that fills me with Love as food for my soul. Help me to put action to my prayers each day and to lean on you for discernment and to guide my judgement of all things I encounter. I praise your holy name…Yahoshua, God of my Salvation.


Ask yourself the question….?

A few thoughts i want to share with my friends…
I have been checking out some of Paul Chappell’s writings and videos.
As a result, it has caused me to do some prayerful reflecting and some deeper study on my own.

Two concepts I like to hear: 1) Waging Peace 2) Ending Homelessness

Paul Chappell addresses Waging Peace. I believe the two are interrelated…how, because war creates homelessness. Ask the families of the enemy soldiers killed who now have no way to support themselves. Ask the families of our US soldiers killed in war. Ask anyone who has returned from war injured or disabled, they will tell you. Ask the families of the soldiers returning home not physically injured without treatment for PTSD, a lot of homes are broken by war and the effects of war on the family can be devastating for many generations.

My question to all my friends and family…
Do we care enough to stand up and wage peace?
If we think war does not touch us because no one in our family is in the military, think again. It stares us in the face every time we watch a commercial on TV asking us to support our troops, asking us to support the families of the military men fighting on foreign soil. Every time we see a young neighbor or even a stranger who is missing a limb, do we ask ourselves, could that have happened in the war?

Have any of us had or have friends or family of friend who has died from war.
Who comforts the children left behind? What do they learn from their father or mother’s death…do they learn to hate or do they hate war and are taught to seek peace. In either case, we all feel the pain of war, one way or another.

When we pick this next President, will we have these things in mind?

When we spend our next dollars to purchase an expensive electronics or just a simple $5.00 latte, how many opportunities are there for us to give to many struggling organizations who help the homeless or the poor. Many of the homes of the soldiers, now fatherless or motherless are considered low income or poor. Who remembers them?

Who remembers them?

I believe, long after the parade for the ones who make it home is over, our commitment to them is not. I / we should pray for them always, looking for every opportunity to serve in friendship and to honor their sacrifice.

Now how will you feel when you see the next commercial on supporting the military or the homeless?

Blessings & Namaste…


Preaching Advent’s Absurdity

This is my response to a posting on “Preaching Advent’s Absurdity ”

by Kara Root – Posted 11.23.11
Advent is an exercise in paradox.

If you can read this, when you share your message to the world on Advent Absurdity, my initial mental response was not too positive. You see I am a survivor in this world, I was living in sin and walking in the ways of the world. That is until I found Christ and learned to apply His teachings in my life.

I then filtered your message thru the Word I know, in which Paul states, as long as we are in these fleshly bodies, although we have God’s promise, we also still have the fleshly bodies and it is and will be a constant struggle.

Grace teaches us when we doubt from not seeing God work and move, as we look and wait, that we are forgiven.  I believe if we have our eyes heavenward we can see God work and move in everything around us.

The key word for me here is wait, “wait” is defined as, “…to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens.”

Do we as Christian submit to this mentality of waiting? or Do we actively celebrate another year of Grace in our life, sharing the HOPE of PEACE as we go about our journey? The positive mentality for me is to be all inclusive in my celebration. This is a time of year I put my world in check and reassess my path and my actions, matching them up with my faith walk and faith journey.

Where I have a temporal forgetfulness is a choice and part of the fleshly thing Paul spoke about, however, when I keep afresh, the memory that I have been literally pulled from the pit, been washed and cleaned, given a new robe and tunic, and received the Word, then I can see straight, applying a squeegee to my spiritual goggles, then quickly correct my path to the Way I began, as when I was made new, caring for the lost and the hungry, the hurting and the dying.

It only takes looking out the window of my car or on the news or in the newspaper or the internet, there are many opportunities to serve. The hurt and wrong and sin is all around me, but then I see the face of God in everything and can say, so is the SPIRIT. The face of God meaning, WWJD, and what am I doing.

The key for me is to enjoy the Advent seasonal merry-go-round as I reach out to others in Love and truth and Peace, sharing my wealth, my time, my talents, and most of all my FAITH.

Blessings my sister, to you, your family, your faith walk and life journey…


A New Day 11-29-11

A new day

A new beginning

Life challenges coming my way and I am not afraid

My body, mind, and spirit belong to God, what should I fear

He is with me in the excitement of my new beginning

He remains there all my life

My Lord has given me His Spirit to guide me along my way

He does not force me to go here or go there

Those are my choices, but my choice is to serve and please my Father God

I yield my will for His

and in doing so, I find more freedom and peace than ever before

Where will my journey take me this day, and what words will my Father have for me

I will wait on the Lord, until He draws near

I will look up to the heavens and listen to the small still voice to guide and direct my steps

I praise Your holy name, Jesus, my Lord

You are my safety, my shelter, and my strength





Last night I was looking at some photos of two of my grandchildren and i realized, all my children are on my mind…tonight…and all the time.

I ponder, how are they each doing in life, physically, emotionally, financially, where is their faith walk, what is the status of their family.

I pray for them every night with my Sweet Bride Amy.

In Matt 18:19 & 20, the bible says: “v19 …Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. v20 …For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them…”

So tonight we prayed again for my children, and I asked the youngest of all, hanging out with God and all the angels, to keep watch over them all…Our dearest Tommy.

Family is one of the most important things to me, and one of my biggest challenges to maintain.
This is why I invoke my Lord, and my God, Jesus Christ…hear me Father GOD, I cannot do it alone.
I pray Holy Spirit, you are there beside each of them, speaking to them, listening for them to call out to you.
I pray for all my family, extended family and my brothers and sisters in my church. I pray for Peace for our country internally and for abroad. I pray for the unity of all believers to work and pray as one, for this peace and a time of healing for us all…in Jesus’ name Amen!


a time to REST…

Whenever most people have a close encounter with a serious life crisis, regardless if it is an auto accident, a health event, some kind of violence or natural disaster, the aftermath in emotions left behind is vast. For me, emotions of reflection and forward thinking…in some cases looking back.

In late July and August, I experienced one of these kinds of events in my life.
I had a knee replacement surgery and while recovering from this extremely painful process, I had an issue come up with my heart. The heart issue was caused by adrenalin my body produced to help me keep up with the trauma and pain of the surgery, going back to work the week after surgery and beginning two summer school classes on-line in the same week. At first I did not see or recognize the warning signs my body was giving me. It was a little difficulty breathing here and there, becoming increasingly tired all the time and wanting to just sleep. When I finally recognized my heart was talking to me, it happened while in the shower, I felt light headed, my chest felt like I had put on a shirt three times too small, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not suck in enough air in my lungs to breathe. Very Scary!

After 911, meeting some very professional firemen, a nice expensive ride to the ER, a three day hospital stay testing, replacing a brain dead cardiologist who forgot about me, some more testing and an angiogram surgery, I finally found out all my major organs appeared normal and OK. My arteries have a little plaque but not enough to worry or cause a heart event. That left the replacement cardiologist to investigate why my heart monitoring showed abnormally high readings stressing my heart. He put me on medication to slow my heart down and instructed me to slow my life down until my knee healed and my heart had a chance to rest.

The quick answer…..get some rest!

I often describe my life to others as my life is like I’m always running with my hair on fire.
I am multitasking ALL THE TIME…and when I am not, there is this evil spirit that whispers in my left ear, “Why aren’t you working on this or that…you being lazy?”
When I had this event come up, the whispers stopped, I quit school for the summer, I stayed off my PC for a week (hard to believe but true) and just took the time to REST!

In my time of rest is where I found the reflection and the quietness of that place God was able to speak to my heart, my spirit, my being. I have refocused my life on my not having too much on my plate as to rob me of my needed rest. I am spending more time with my Sweet Bride, inviting friends over and creating lasting memories with the ones I love. I am almost back to my previous state of working and doing things, however, there is one difference…..I am surrounded by an awareness of myself and my mortality, I only have so much time on my earth journey to accomplish the meaningful tasks I was created to perform. This causes me to focus on quality and not quantity, dedicated time to each thing I do, and if multitasking, make sure it is purposeful. But REST is always on my mind. Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”


Forgiving my brother…when I don’t want to forgive…when he doesn’t deserve it!

In my family there are six of us supporting my Mom’s housing and personal care.

Without going in too deep, she is 82 and in her declining years…a few years ago she had a stroke but she is better now and still the Mom I know.

When she was not doing well in a senior living home, we decided to bring her home. This was a big decision, one that we all committed to help spread the financial cost.

We refurbished her mobile home to a newness that rivals real houses, with all new appliances a roll in shower, a full time live in caregiver and all the pleasant accommodations she deserves.

This commitment grew financially over the years and my share is now at $675.00 per month, for some of us, where other family members the cost is reduced, who are living near Mom & provide weekend care giving to give the live in caregiver a break.

After a few years one of my family members became unemployed and stopped giving all of his committed share cost. So the burden fell on the others.

Well now that brother stopped giving almost altogether, down to a token couple hundred dollars. This caused the family savings account to go broke, paying for his share while he did nothing to help or pay it back.

WE became bitter and angry at first because we knew Mom let him live with her as he went to college and paid for his food and housing, he finally got married and moved out while in his 30’s. What the rest of us can’t figure out is even though he received his Master’s Degree as a CPA he said he could not find work…for two years.

We all have given until it hurts and more is still required for additional costs that come up.
Now many of Mom’s pleasures are gone. Like internet, her food allowance in addition to food stamps, only basic cable, no money to give presents or even a card to her 6 children, the grandchildren, or great grandchildren, even if she wanted to.

With all that said and as my sister Maria manages Mom’s affairs, (A true saint) and continues to send emails to my brother Sandy, who is not paying his shared amount, the emails go without a positive response.
Each time I am CC’d on one of these emails, I cringe in my flesh because of the disgust with my brother’s lack of action and support for Mom. I must remind myself each day that I am a child of God, a soldier in an army with a higher calling, one of Peace, Love, and selflessness when it comes to helping others.

With that said and after receiving a response email from my oldest brother, who responded with inflamed words towards my brother Sandy, I felt I had to send this response email below:

WebHolyman’s response…

I have a few words to share here and not just to Romolo, so please ALL of you listen to me please!

Although Romolo verbalized what I was thinking and how I really feel towards Sandy as well, I keep reminding myself of the following:

Maria, I am not telling you to stop emailing Sandy with your words of instruction and encouragement, please keep doing this.
I believe God honors our commitment to Mom in our providing for her when she cannot provide for herself, it’s GOD working through us to bless his obedient servant who honored her commitment to us when Dad left us and when she was alone and suffering, yet unwavering in her faith to keep us together and raise us to be good people and how to love and forgive others…. but more so now WE can honor Mom by our walking through this test of love and faith and obedience to GOD and our desire to please him…each day, minute, hour, when we choose to forgive. He completes the work in his time.
We must continue to forgive (our job), by faith, until the work of forgiveness (the Lord’s job), is done in our hearts.
but WE need to forgive Sandy for his attitude towards Mom’s financial needs because in the bible it tells us God will NOT/CANNOT hear our prayers otherwise because we have sin in our heart…..and I pray a lot!
If we forgive, our prayers are heard……I talk to God in my own way and when I do this, I share the fleshly man that I am and my fleshly thoughts with Him as I pray and lift my voice to God…..every single day without fail….if I did not I feel I would be lost…once again!

My daily prayer re: Loving my brother
Father God, I ask you to forgive me for my thoughts this day and I ask for forgiveness for my brother Sandy; for not keeping to his freaking commitment, for his freakin laziness, for his disrespect, for his unthankfulness, for his belligerence and all the pain and suffering he has caused this family. I know forgiveness goes against my nature because I don’t want to do it, and I struggle daily knowing your word instructs me to forgive by faith, whether we feel like it or not. I pray…beg you to help me to trust you to do the work in us and in Sandy, that needs to be done so that the forgiveness will be complete. Help me to be the person you made me to be …loving others…including my brother, because you loved me when I was still the same belligerent asshole and you forgave me and loved me when I was a prisoner in my mind, against obedience and living by faith. Help me to walk by faith help me to pray when I can’t find the words, when my heart is cold and my spirit feels dark towards my brother, Likewise bless my brothers and sisters who give of themselves tirelessly on a daily basis and work hard to provide for their families, bless the work that they do and keep them safe this day, In el nombre de Jesus Christo, Amen!

I love you all and my heart and prayers are with US daily…to be the people Mom raised us to be but more so to be the LOVING people God desires us to be.

Let’s ALL see where we can each dig a little deeper to provide Mom with the few things she is asking for.
Maria please put an accurate list together with the title and cost of each of the things Mom is asking for.
I want to help become the solution to the need instead of (by nature) wanting to throw Sandy in the fire…he’s already in hell! …that’s the problem.

All my Love,

Tomas (aka WebHolyman)

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Sunrise…a cool wind on my back, a new day of service ahead of me

When I asked the Lord to make a way for me to go to Mexico with my church group to help the people of Ensenada, Mexico, I received my answer in just days of my request. I only mentioned my desire to my wife Amy and a couple people, Bruce who leads the teams, and Cheri who is a dear sister in my church. Well the Lord must have laid it on Cheri’s heart to work on my behalf because without my knowing it she had orchestrated a fundraiser to help pay for my trip. Long story short, I received more than the money I needed to go, and from only a small handful of loving and charitable souls.
~Thank you Jesus! Bless those who gave and those who prayed for me in support. ~

4-30-2011 Ensenada, Mexico – I’m sitting on a deck atop the roof of the 3rd story YWAM building, it’s almost sunrise. To the left of me I hear the water breaking on the beach, to my right, the sunrise coming up over the mountains.
~Thank you Father for this beautiful morning! ~

I got up at 2:30 am, after tossing and turning from pain in my back and knees. I decided to go exploring. It was better than laying in misery. As I made my way down the ladder of the bunk I was in, after only two or three steps down, I decided to take a short cut and fell the rest of the way to the floor. “Crash!” or more like a loud “Thud”. The noise woke most of the men up, asking if I was OK. I reassured them I was fine as I apologetically walked to the door and left for a walk on the beach.

The sky was dark but I still could not see as many of the stars as I thought because of the light from the city and surrounding area. The street lights reflected the brilliance of the whitecap of each wave coming in and breaking on the beach. I walked along staying about two yards from the water on water packed sand. The tide was out quite a ways but quickly coming in again. I walked towards a lifeguard tower about a hundred yards from the street a little south along the beach from where I began walking on the sand. I climbed up the ladder of the tower, holding on tight with each step as not to repeat my earlier climbing experience. I stayed there for quite a while staring out at the water, looking to the left and then right at the water breaking, listening to the waves breaking is not a quiet sound but more like a loud rhythmic noise, quite soothing and almost hypnotic as the waves appear from the distance in the dark, illuminate from the street lights behind me as they come in, then dissolving on the sand, slowly coming closer in with each pass. I saw an occasional jogger or two passing by and then a man walking his dogs. I came out of my trance and stood up on the platform, stretching my back and twisting to get my body ready for the coming day. I turned and looked back towards the YWAM building and saw the sunrise was beginning its climb, coming in the distance, barely visible over the mountains. I climbed down and headed towards the base and the roof of the building, to shoot the dawn of a new day and record its beauty.

It was beautiful to watch the sunrise, with the sound of the water breaking behind me, the feel of the cool breeze on my sunburned neck and ears, my spirit excited to serve in new ways, reaching out as I can visualize doors beginning to open.

~ Father GOD, I pray you guide me with your spirit, humble me with these thoughts I keep hearing in my head, how blessed we are and don’t really appreciate all that we have. Please make my path straight for a return visit and give a blessing so in need, as I’m sure you keep hearing the requests. I feel a great love for these people Father and I hope my work done here this week will not have been in vane. Guide me, direct me, help me, to find your voice in the silence of my thoughts and dreams. Thank you Father…for this opportunity, and for the blessing of these people. En el nombre de Jesus Christos, Amen! ~


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A quick prayer to free my mind….

I pray today Father God, you fill me with your spirit of Love afresh each day, help me to see past the blinders of this world and into the very spirit of your nature, let me be as a brother, friend, and neighbor, to all I am able during my daily walk of faith, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!


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