Morning Prayer October 28th 2010

My prayer for the day
Thank you Lord for another day to be a friend, a brother, a son, a husband, a father, & grandfather.
Keep us safe Lord as we travel this day.
Bless me with the eyes to see the needs around me and to hear your voice leading me.
Thank you for my Sweet Bride and our baby yet to come.
Thank you Lord for my job and the ability to pay my bills.
Thank you for the opportunities around me to educate myself and grow in knowledge.
Help me to use what I learn to help my family, my friends and all those I meet.
Lord, guide me with your Spirit, let your light in me lead those in darkness, to a way out of confusion.
Increase my faith Lord and please forgive me when I doubt.
Let my heart and conscience bear witness of my desire, to bring honor and glory to your name….in all that I do and say… all I do and say… bring honor and glory to your name.

Help these words to echo in my mind, in my spirit, and as I breathe the air you give.
Help me to walk with your full armor encompassed around me, my family and all those in my life.
I pray for mercy and comfort for all those who are hurting this day, the hungry, sick, the lonely, those who are in prison, those who are dying and those who are afraid.
Thank you Jesus, for my life! Amen.


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