To my sister Roselyn 07-25-12


I am ready to pray…


Lord, the opportunity to lift up others’ needs has been given to me this day.

Prepare my heart and my spirit this week, for the journey that is ahead of me.

Let each experience I face daily become as one block built upon another, side-by-side, supporting one another.

Let these experiences prepare me, strengthen me, enlighten me, encourage me, for your Spirit to use me.

Help me to live my faith the way I share it with others.

Forgive my sin and shortcomings, the things that keep me from you, your word, your blessing.

Thank you for my life and the lives of all those around me.

Thank you for your light and may it shine from deep within me.

Thank you for my sister Roselyn, your faithful servant and the example she sets before me.

Give us your blessing now and throughout this week, that we may share them with others.

Help us to find the words to share, words for every situation, words filled with hope and love and respect.

Thank you for all that we have…..all that we are….together!



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