The Advent of Christmas

In my reading the Word today I performed a self-evaluation, looking at the fact this is a special time of remembrance coming up, the birth of our Lord and Savior, that I need to be steadfast in my walk always, not giving my best or my all just during the special times of year. I need to treat every day and every moment as a precious gift. This is the best gift I can offer others all throughout the year, the example of an honest love and concern, commitment, and dedication to family, friends and all those in need around me, as I am able.

In a conversation with my sister this afternoon, I felt compelled to mention, there are many hurting people out there today, just because this time of year acts like a fine lens and the focus may stir up emotion of a better time, maybe with loved ones lost or a wonderful time with family now lost or broken apart. These times can be painful, confusing and depressing. I encourage all who read this message today to remember to say a kind word to all those you meet this day, this week and throughout your journey, for you never know just how much a simple kind word can lift up a dying spirit or act like medicine for someone with a broken heart.

I pray today Father God, you fill me with your spirit of Love afresh each day, help me to see past the blinders of this world and into the very spirit of your nature, let me be as a brother, friend, and neighbor, to all I am able during my daily walk of faith, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!


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