Christmas Day…..

Today is an important day for me and is as such each year. In addition to marking the historical date and accounts of the birth of Jesus, it also sets as a reminder for me of my own birth….or re-birth.
Twenty-nine years ago I gave up what was left of a shattered life……and began a new journey with Christ as my Morning Star, my beacon and compass. I received His Spirit to help me navigate through my wilderness wanderings and towards the true purpose of my existence, a life of service.

I have always wondered about what it takes for a soldier to give his/her life for another, and at times for others not even known. Today I do know what it takes and how much it means to me. Surprisingly it was not what I thought. I now know it is very simple, just a peaceful and willing spirit from within, that calms my fears and speaks to my soul, telling me it’s OK, that my purpose is being fulfilled just being present and ready. As I see the myriad of opportunities to help and serve others around me, in itself, this is where I find my salvation, strength, comfort, and peace, not by works of faith or through acts of kindness or of my own free will, rather allowing a driving force from within me that I cannot explain, be free to express and release the most important of all there is in life……LOVE.


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