Remembering A Loved One on Christmas

PT I thought I should include you in this photo I just created for Amy.
We attended a memorial celebration / ceremony, put on by the support group we attend.
I pulled this foreground photo from one of the video frames I took.

I felt awkward at first, but I just had to take a picture.
Amy and I were sitting up front, just 5 feet from the table filled with lit candles, while some appropriate music was playing.
My hope that I was not going to offend the other families who were behind me was over ridden by my desires to preserve the moment.
My fear of offending others was relieved after I took my first snap of the first of several photos and then video.
Many of the other family members who were there to remember their lost one[s] jumped up and joined me.
They pulled out anything they had from small digital cameras to using their fancy cell phones that shoot still photos and videos.
I received another lesson on just how following my Instinctual drives can be a positive for others, especially when it comes to preserving an important Memory.
PT you are a huge part of our first and second most important memories.



Remembering our sweet baby boy Tommy - Christmas-2010

Remembering our sweet baby boy Tommy - Christmas-2010

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