Ask yourself the question….?

A few thoughts i want to share with my friends…
I have been checking out some of Paul Chappell’s writings and videos.
As a result, it has caused me to do some prayerful reflecting and some deeper study on my own.

Two concepts I like to hear: 1) Waging Peace 2) Ending Homelessness

Paul Chappell addresses Waging Peace. I believe the two are interrelated…how, because war creates homelessness. Ask the families of the enemy soldiers killed who now have no way to support themselves. Ask the families of our US soldiers killed in war. Ask anyone who has returned from war injured or disabled, they will tell you. Ask the families of the soldiers returning home not physically injured without treatment for PTSD, a lot of homes are broken by war and the effects of war on the family can be devastating for many generations.

My question to all my friends and family…
Do we care enough to stand up and wage peace?
If we think war does not touch us because no one in our family is in the military, think again. It stares us in the face every time we watch a commercial on TV asking us to support our troops, asking us to support the families of the military men fighting on foreign soil. Every time we see a young neighbor or even a stranger who is missing a limb, do we ask ourselves, could that have happened in the war?

Have any of us had or have friends or family of friend who has died from war.
Who comforts the children left behind? What do they learn from their father or mother’s death…do they learn to hate or do they hate war and are taught to seek peace. In either case, we all feel the pain of war, one way or another.

When we pick this next President, will we have these things in mind?

When we spend our next dollars to purchase an expensive electronics or just a simple $5.00 latte, how many opportunities are there for us to give to many struggling organizations who help the homeless or the poor. Many of the homes of the soldiers, now fatherless or motherless are considered low income or poor. Who remembers them?

Who remembers them?

I believe, long after the parade for the ones who make it home is over, our commitment to them is not. I / we should pray for them always, looking for every opportunity to serve in friendship and to honor their sacrifice.

Now how will you feel when you see the next commercial on supporting the military or the homeless?

Blessings & Namaste…


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