My Daily Prayer – 01/25/12

Father God, I come before you and ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for my complacency and lack of response to sharing the love you placed in my heart with all those around me.

Fill me with your spirit of Love afresh each day, forgive my unforgiveness towards those who have wronged me. Please don’t turn a deaf ear to my prayers…and my daily struggle. Help me to overcome my selfishness and highmindeness. Teach my spirit to hear your Spirit speaking peace and direction for my life, one step at a time. Teach me to listen!

Thank you Father God for your word, the Word that fills me with Love as food for my soul. Help me to put action to my prayers each day and to lean on you for discernment and to guide my judgement of all things I encounter. I praise your holy name…Yahoshua, God of my Salvation.


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