Scouting Event brings back memories…

It’s amazing what one image will do…to me anyway!

I was on this photo shoot project for a Cub Scout Crossing Over Ceremony and as I looked through my lens at these boys being promoted to the next level in their growth as a scout, ascending to a new level of experience and training, it took me back 25 years when my boys were in scouting and I was a scout leader.


The time and effort to support a child in a scout program is not really much, I thought initially, however, there are specific codes to follow, ceremonies, new traditions introduced, equipment to purchase and time off from working some weekends. Then there is the example my children are being taught in scouts and the example seeing me live by at home. It was teaching me, testing my actions and my new challenges. I saw quickly there must be continuity between them both if I am to be a successful leader and father. So in my effort to capture a memory for an important event for this scout troop, I also brought back some pleasant ones of time passed which brought me peace, hope and Love.

Peace, because I remember being consistent in my participation and commitment to my children’s program and their happiness. Hope, because of the activities, motto’s and traditions which helped my children gain respect for themselves and the person standing next to them, stood to be as tools to guide them in the years to come. Love, because I watched my boys compete at first but slowly learning about selflessness, sharing and collaborating to reach a goal as an individual and as a team. I knew this was something I could look forward to seeing in them as they became adults. No matter how far they go off the path of right things or compromise what they know to be correct and true, these things they learned while they were young would always be a part of who they are and be that voice from within when I am no longer there to guide them.


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